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01 Feb 2017
The Court states that ''it is not necessary that the asylum seeker personally committed terrorist acts, or instigated such acts, or participated in their commission.''  The case concerns a Moroccan national, Mr Mostafa Lounani, who ''was convicted...
13 Jan 2017
The Telegraph reports that "refugees and migrants are dying of exposure as a result of the bitterly cold weather that has hit Greece and the Balkans, the United Nations warned on Friday."
13 Jan 2017
Balkan Insight reports that "the number of Albanians seeking asylum in Germany fell sharply in 2016 compared to the previous year, apparently deterred by the low success rate and tough repatriation policies."
22 Dec 2016
The Guardian published an article highlighting the miss-used of EU funds in Greece. The article explains that "the UN refugee agency and the EU’s aid department have been accused by other aid groups of mismanaging a multimillion-pound fund earmarked...
09 Dec 2016
'PanARMENIAN.Net' reports that Central and Eastern European governments opposed to taking in refugees are at loggerheads with countries on the frontline of the crisis such as Greece and Italy. Nearly all the 350,000 migrants to reach Europe's shores...
25 Nov 2016
'The Strait Times' reports that Bulgaria will move migrants who clashed with police at a refugee camp to closed camps and hopes to start extraditing some to their native Afghanistan next month, Prime Minister Boiko Borisov said on Friday (Nov 25).
26 Oct 2016
"The Independent" explains the situation with the hundreds of children who are now unaccounted for. Since French authorities closed the camp it is thought that 300 - 400 unaccompanied chilren are now essentially missing as the camp is being...
24 Oct 2016
The 'Huffington Post' reports that Yvette Cooper has warned that child refugees risk slipping into the hands of smugglers as the Calais “Jungle” camp is demolished. After violence overnight in the Calais camp, Cooper, who is chair of the Home...
20 Oct 2016
Balkan Insight reports that even if Germany declared Albania safe country last year, the number of Albanians seeking asylum rose this summer hitting 1390 in July and 1635 in August, from 825 in March. 890 citizens of Macedonia sought asylum in...
05 Oct 2016
"NewsDeeplz" presents a photo essay from photographer Danielle Villasana documenting the situation at the Hungarian-Sebian border. This week more than 300 marched towards the border with Hungary appealing for asylum. The Hungarian governement allows...


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