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15 Jan 2019
The National Network for Children in Bulgaria condemned the statements of the Deputy Minister of Justice Mr. Evgeni Stoyanov during a morning talk show on the TV channel bTV. Mr. Stoyanov had insinuated that children detained by the law may be...
07 Nov 2018
"Children undergoing legal procedures are particularly vulnerable," said Valeri Yordanov, Deputy Chairperson of the State Agency for Child Protection in Bulgaria, at a conference on "Professionalization of Social and Educational Interventions in the...

The Ministry of Justice has begun amending the Kosovo Juvenile Justice Code. For this purpose, two workshops were organised with the support of UNICEF, with the participation of experts and professionals in juvenile justice, like: judges, prosecutors, representatives of Probation and Correctional Service, university teachers, etc. The purpose of the amendments  of this law is to improve standards in the field of justice for children, in conformity with the most advanced standards, such as shorten the maximum period of detention, increase diversion measures and alternative sentencing, to avoid the difficulties encountered in practice by practitioners of this law. The amendments will also cover the protection of children under the age of criminal responsibility, child witnesses and victims of crime, as well as protective measures for them. These areas have so far not been covered by any law specifically for children, but have been mainly dealt through general provisions. Work on amending and supplementing the Law, will continue further with the inclusion of other stakeholders, including civil society.

26 May 2016

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