Read the latest news on child protection from around Europe. For news related to the recent refugee crisis in Europe please see our Thematic Page.

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09 Aug 2017
Back in September 2016 media was full of a news alleging that a care worker at the Budapest children's care home of TEGYESZ has sexually abused one of the children. The Ministry has immediately launched an internal investigation while the police has...
07 Jul 2017
On 13 and 14 June 2017, a forum was held in Ruse, Bulgaria, for the sharing of good practices in the care of children with disabilities and their families within the Family Placement services for children and young people with disabilities and the...
01 Jun 2017
UNICEF recently reported that at least 2.7 million children around the world reside in institutional care. Statistical figures relating to child abuse and neglect have been released, however, wide and considerable discrepancies in information...

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