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25 Mar 2020
According to the report of The European Committee of Social Rights Albania doesn’t meet the provisions of the European Social Charter. In spite of the fact that Albania also ratified the Charter there are some articles of it (16, 17, 27 and 31)...
04 Jul 2017
A Russia Today article cites a recent report featured in the Daily Mail, which spotlights the mass enslavement of children and youth throughout England.  The report identifies 1,200 youth in the country being victimized by coerced labor, along with...
27 Apr 2016
The DW reports that Swiss politicians have passed a law that would see the many victims of child labor in the country compensated. Switzerland has a history of taking away children from their families based on vague justifications, the children were...
16 Feb 2016
The Local Gov reports that a consultation seeking to clarify the definition of child sexual exploitation has been launched in the UK.  There are a number of different definitions of child sexual exploitation in use across a wide range of voluntary...
29 Jul 2015
IB Times reports that UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that over 12,000 UK companies will be forced to show if they have taken measures to prevent child labour and slave labour in their companies, with sanctions applying to firms...

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