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Experience of working in children's homes in Croatia - conversation with an educator from Children Home Zagreb

In the past few years we have witnessed a process of de-institutionalization, which is carried out in order to ensure better treatment of children in institutions, as well as better working conditions for employees. We often hear a variety of information about the work of the institutions for children, both positive and negative. We believe that there are variety of great experts who dedicate their life for this work and we find  it important to present their individual stories.


Europe/migration: Five-country police agreement exacerbates crisis and puts vulnerable migrants at risk -- Zeid

On Thursday, the UN Human Rights High Commissioner, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, expressed serious concern at security measures adopted at a recent meeting of the heads of police of five European countries, which are already having a negative impact on the human rights of refugees and migrants in southern and central Europe, and are compounding the already exceptionally difficult situation in Greece.  “In the wake of the adoption of these measures last week, the treatment of refugees and migrants moving through some of these countries already appears to have changed, with seriously negative impl


After death of five small children, international organisation calls Slovak authorities to take immediate action

The European Roma Rights Centre reports that Roma in Slovakia are often forced to live in unsafe, hazardous and unhealthy housing conditions. In the first week of 2016 two small Romani children died in Košice, Slovakia. Both the 6- and 4-month-old boys died in a segregated neighbourhood. Three more minors died last weekend in a Roma settlement in Lomnička village in Central Slovakia. Considering that these deaths were utterly preventable, the European Roma Rights Centre calls on Slovak authorities to take immediate action.



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