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Do the parents recognize the genuine feelings of the children? What is hidden behind the child’s anger, aggression and tantrum? (Webinar in Bulgarian)

About the webinar:

The webinar is designed for specialists, parents and students. It aims to:

  • Introduce to the participants the basic emotions experienced by children and the different ways of their manifestation;
  • Give an explanation of the reasons hidden behind children's wrath, aggressive actions and tantrums;
  • Help parents to look at unacceptable behavior as an attempt to communicate and to learn about some of the ways to transform negative emotions into positive ones.

About the lecturers:


[Bulgaria] Innovative Approach to Teaching through Games in Bulgaria -

One of the main problems of the educational system in Bulgaria is often the difficulty of engaging the attention and interest of children during lessons. Often students' motivation is lost due to "dry" teaching approach and the lack of a fun factor. Stanimira Hristova, Krasimira Stoitseva and Momchil Daskalov were aware of this problem and decided to contribute to the education approach with a new innovative method for teaching in Bulgaria - (


The protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse facilitated by information and communication technologies [Video]

On 18 November, the Council of Europe will celebrate the 3rd edition of the European Day on the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse. Together with the Council of Europe digital parenting coach @DigiParentCoach Elizabeth Milovidov, helpful and practical videos for parents guiding them in the online protection of their children have been developed.


[Bosnia and Herzegovina] Public promotion of the project: “Development of Child Friendly Guidelines for the Prevention of Violence Against Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina”

Sarajevo, 14th November, 2017, the Association International Forum of Solidarity - EMMAUS (IFS-EMMAUS) held a public promotion and presentation of activities within the project "Development of Child Friendly Guidelines for the Prevention of Violence Against Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina ", supported by UNICEF and th


[International] WHO releases new guidelines Responding to children and adolescents who have been sexually abused

For the first time, WHO has published guidelines to help (primarily) front-line healthcare providers give high-quality, compassionate, and respectful care to children and adolescents (up to age 18) who have or may have experienced sexual abuse, including sexual assault or rape.



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