Child Protection in Europe - Update #4

60/262. Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS
Epidemiological Fact Sheets On HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections
Snatched by Fagin
As UNICEF names spokesperson on child violence, UN report offers signs of hope
Council of Europe calls for anti-trafficking action
Possession of child porn becomes a crime in Czech Republic
Investing in every child
Trafficking in Human Being - New Approaches to Combating the Problem
Helping hands or shackled lives?
Laugh, Run and Move to Develop Together

Child Protection in Europe - Update #3

Bulgaria and Romania lacking enough education quality progress
A&M news
Guidelines for Developing Child Labour Monitoring Processes
World Medical Association Declaration of Ottawa on the Right of the Child for Health Care
Innocenti Social Monitor 2006
A global alliance against forced labour
Child Trafficking - The People Involved
A Handbook on Planning Projects to Prevent Child Trafficking
A long way to go
The ugly, hidden face of new Europe
One year reform of child residential institutions


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