[Romania] Romania faces a rush of migrant boats as smugglers test new routes to Europe

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that "In 2017, Romania’s shores have been the recipient of migrant boats traveling the journey in reverse, as a rarely-used smuggler’s passage is reactivated. On Sept. 13, the Romanian coast guard rescued an overcrowded fishing boat containing 157 migrants from Iraq and Iran, including 56 children, which was battling high winds. It was the fifth such boat to arrive from the Turkish shores in little over a month, bringing the total sea arrivals to Romania in 2017 to just under 500. On Sept.


[Hungary] There is no help: they don't cry, as if they were spiritually not there

The Hungarian left-wing daily Nepszava published an article about migrant and refugee children in Hungary, who are not cared for properly by the Hungarian state. 

"These children do not cry. Even as a total stranger you can examine them, they don't "mind"you touching them, tending to their wounds, pricking them for blood tests or for vaccination. It is as if they were only there in their body, not in spirit"- says Zsuzsanna Kovacs, pediatrician who has been volunteering to care for migrant and refugee children in Hungary ever since the start of the refugee crisis.


[International] Humanitarian Standards now available on mobile devices

The Global Alliance for child protection in humanitarian action has developed a "Humanitarian Standards Partnership app" which provides the humanitarian sector's flagship standards and guidance in a single, free-of-charge app. The app is meant for field practitioners who provide humanitarian aid in disaster or conflict situations. As this is an app, it works also offline.


[International] Join Advocacy Efforts for a Stronger Social Service Workforce Week

This week, from September 25-29, celebrate the 4th annual Social Service Workforce Week by increasing attention and action for strengthening the social service workforce. This year's theme highlights why greater advocacy is needed for a stronger workforce to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, including the goals related to violence, migration and health.


[Europe] Up to three quarters of children and youth face abuse, exploitation and trafficking on Mediterranean migration routes – UNICEF, IOM

UNICEF reports that "migrant and refugee children and youth trying to reach Europe face appalling levels of human rights abuses, with 77 per cent of those traveling along the Central Mediterranean route reporting direct experiences of abuse, exploitation, and practices which may amount to human trafficking – UNICEF and IOM, the UN Migration Agency, said today in a new report."


Scenario 2


The police have responded to an incident at a house. It was not the first time they had been called to the house.


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