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[International] StoryLab – a mobile game that helps children navigate the legal system

Each year, more than half a million children in Europe come in contact with the law. To help them understand the legal proceedings and their rights, Terre des hommes (Tdh) worked with young people to develop StoryLab, an innovative mobile game that guides young players through the workings of the legal system.

Learning by playing


Do the parents recognize the genuine feelings of the children? What is hidden behind the child’s anger, aggression and tantrum? (Webinar in Bulgarian)

About the webinar:

The webinar is designed for specialists, parents and students. It aims to:

  • Introduce to the participants the basic emotions experienced by children and the different ways of their manifestation;
  • Give an explanation of the reasons hidden behind children's wrath, aggressive actions and tantrums;
  • Help parents to look at unacceptable behavior as an attempt to communicate and to learn about some of the ways to transform negative emotions into positive ones.

About the lecturers:



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