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[International] Live stream available for conference on protecting child refugees and migrants

The Global Conference on Children on the Move begins today, seeking to ensure that two new compacts on refugees and migrants committed to at last year’s UN General Assembly have children at their core.

The conference is fully booked, but you can still watch the speeches and debates virtually here. You can hear the latest ideas and opinions as they happen, and have your say in the comments section.


Sweden has suggested that EU countries should receive EU funds depending on the reception of refugees reported that Magdalena Andersson, the Swedish finance minister, calls for tying aid to poor EU members and their willingness to accept refugees. According to Reuters, Germany and Italy also support this proposal.


[European Union] Europe's Rights Official says laws turn migrant children into "extremists"

A recent article published by Vatican Radio, had uncovered some of the truth existent behind particular asylum law practices within some European Union countries. According to the article, the head of Europe's highest human rights body had noted how a significant portion of the legislation present in many European Union nations, labels migrant youth as a threat against their security.


[Serbia] Nearly 800 unaccompanied foreign minors in Serbia

ANSAmed indicates that among the 7,000 migrants situated in Serbia, almost 800 of these individuals are minors traveling alone. The article cites Nenad Ivanisevic, the Deputy Labor and Social Affairs Minister of Serbia, who claims that Serbia is the only acting country among South Eastern Europe that has mandated for social workers to provide supervision over these migrants. The total number of child migrants within Serbia amounts to an alarming 3,200 bracket, according to the article, which refers to the claims of Michel Saint-Lot, a UNICEF delegate.


[European Union] Finland, poster child of migrant relocation

EU Observer refers to the information of the European Commission, which claims that Finland had placed 1,433 of 3,078 migrants into its borders through its relocation goal, achieving 69% of its target. Finland is seeking to completely achieve its mandate by September 26, by accepting 100 migrants from Greece and 50 migrants from Italy, each month, according to the article which quotes Finnish immigration service relocation officer, Monna Airiainen.


Children’s voices help build EU Child-friendly justice | Eurochild

With 40 stakeholders in attendance and five children and young people, the joint event of Eurochild and the Fundamental Rights Agency was aimed to impact policy and improve the EU justice system to make it safe and appropriate for children. The event started with a panel in the morning, where three young people (aged 16-19 years) shared very powerful and brave testimonies of their personal experience with the justice system. Eurochild Secretary General, Jana Hainsworth, gave a closing statement at the panel, highlighting the need for raising awareness about the importance of adults meaningfully engaging with children.


Eurochild reminding that poverty and social exclusion must be tackled early - Infographic (Infographic)

More than 1 in 4 children in the EU are at risk of poverty or social exclusion, putting them in disadvantage for the rest of their lives. 

Learn more about the impact of poverty throughout the life cyle through this Eurochild infographic. 


Child refugees in Europe "forced to sell bodies" to pay smugglers

'The Guardian' reports on a recently published research of the Harvard University that stresses that Afghani, Syrian and Pakistani unaccompanied children are forced into sexual exploitation in order to finance their onward trips from Greece. "According to Greek child protection agencies in 2016, they received referrals for 5,174 unaccompanied migrant children. It is this group who are at the highest risk of sexual exploitation.



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