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Two HIV positive children live with their extended family. Recently one of the children stopped coming to the school and the other child has been withdrawn.  Their teachers are very concerned about them.  What could they do?

PeaceNexus seeks a Regional Advisor to support its programme in the Western Balkans

PeaceNexus seeks a Regional Advisor to support its programme in the Western Balkans. They will be responsible for delivering PeaceNexus’ strategic objectives, in collaboration with PeaceNexus staff in headquarters. They will also be responsible for developing local capacity in our core competence areas of conflict sensitivity, multi-actor process facilitation and organisational development.


Locked out: How more refugees must benefit from new smartphone apps | Destination Unknown

In the wake of vast numbers of people seeking safety in the Middle East and Europe, the global online community has stepped in to offer help through technology. The movement has been named ‘Digital Humanitarianism’ – where individuals voluntarily provide or support humanitarian relief online, usually through crowdfunding.


Human Trafficking Can Affect Vulnerable Populations: Those With Disabilities

About the webinar:

Midwest Regional Children's Advocacy Center offers a webinar on human trafficking. Participants will learn how individuals with developmental disabilities are highly vulnerable to being trafficked and becoming prey to commercial exploitation. Participants will learn how to respond to youth who they suspect might be victimized and how a forensic interview could be conducted.  Information from case studies will be utilized.

Learning Objectives:


[European Union] EU must stop Hungary’s degradation of civil society space | Destination Unknown

New laws within Hungary could have a devastating effect on civil society in the country and across the region. Sendrine Constant, Head of the Eastern European Zone at Terre des Hommes - Destination Unknown campaign coordinator, explains the dangerous effects this law could have.

How is the new law being proposed in Hungary affecting NGOs?


[Bosnia and Herzegovina] ’Let’s ginga together’ project begins with workshops for children and youth in Banja Luka

Blue phone in cooperation with the sports association "Capoeira Banjaluka" will commence the implementation of 16 combined workshops of Capoeira and non-violent communications for children and young people under 18 years old, beginning on July 18, 2017. The workshops were made possible thanks to the Child Protection Hub for South-East Europe and Terre des Hommes, which enabled the implementation of the Association "Nova generacija" project entitled "Let's ginga together". The Roma Association "Romsko srce" is the acting partner of the project.


[European Union] What is EU doing about unaccompanied refugee children?

The recent commencement of the summer season and the rising temperatures that occur as a result, signify the expectation and forecast of European states for an increasing number of refugees and migrants seeking safety in the continent through dangerous sea travel. This cause of concern has prompted uncertainty and worry among European leaders and their agendas in addressing this issue.



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