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Child Rights Governance

Human Rights Associates
Start date: 
31 May 2017
End date: 
11 Jul 2017

Millions of children around the world do not have what they need to survive, learn and thrive because governments do not prioritise them, do not listen to them and are not held accountable when they fail them. Others are not equipped to give children what they need because they do not have the right data to properly plan or do not invest enough in children’s health, learning and protection.

Children’s rights will not be implemented without open, inclusive and accountable governance. Children need more money better spent, functioning government systems designed to further the best interests of children, more accountability and oversight in service provision, recognition that children have civil rights and freedoms and an acknowledgment that child rights is political and political will (and pressure) will be needed to advance them.

This e-learning course introduces participants to concepts, principles, standards and practical examples of child rights governance. Participants will be presented with research and case studies, and engage in practical exercises to inspire thinking around how they can advance children’s rights through open, inclusive and accountable governance.

Instructor: Jennifer Grant

Type of learning: 
Child Rights
Target professionals: 
Non-governmental Organisation (NGO)

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