Migration and Asylum (Foundation Course)

Start date: 
15 Sep 2021
End date: 
26 Oct 2021

This certificate course introduces its participants to main concepts, theoretical issues and current discussions in the field of migration and asylum.

The course aims to present an overview of contemporary migrations and refugee movements in the world while acknowledging the global, regional and national frameworks for its governance. Actors, institutions and regulations will be the main focus of the course in order to understand and analyze their relations and interdependence. Migration is understood as a socially complex phenomenon. Hence diverse forms of migration such as regular, irregular and forced movements and the specific reasons why people choose to move will be covered.

Course outline:

  • Week 1. Main Concepts in Migration Studies
  • Week 2. Theories of Migration
  • Week 3. Forced Migration and Refugees
  • Week 4. Migration, Precarious Work and Rights
  • Week 5. International Migration and Social Justice
  • Week 6. Civil Society, Social Movements and Migration

The course is approximately 30 hours to complete, The maximum number of course participants is 25. 

Tuition fee for participants: € 345 (€ 405 after 1 July 2021); tuition for auditors: € 135 (€ 165 after 1 July 2021). 


Content language: 
Type of learning: 
Children on the Move
Target professionals: 
Non-governmental Organisation (NGO)
NGO worker
Social Worker
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