PROMISE Project Series - Enabling Child-Sensitive Justice

The Success Story of the Barnahus Model and its Expansion in Europe


Author:  Daja Wenke Publisher:  Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

PROMISE is a project based on the commitment of several European countries to strengthen “multi-disciplinary and interagency collaboration to ensure that child victims and witnesses of violence have access to Barnahus and benefit from a child-friendly, professional and effective response in a safe environment”, thus promoting a broader and more comprehensive framework of child protection.

“This report provides an overview of how the Barnahus model has emerged and gradually expanded in Europe. It documents how government officials, practitioners, advocates and entrepreneurs have promoted the model, unyielding even when confronted with doubts, obstacles and adversities. The study analyses how they succeeded in this process and identifies the principle factors and dynamics that enabled them to innovate practice.”

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