Promising practices

This page collects descriptions and summaries of child protection practices that have been tried and tested and seem to work. While it would be presumptuous to call them 'best practices', they show great promise. We hope you can learn from them!

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9 ways data is being used to help protect children [ChildHub Review]
1. Think Family and Troubled Families Programme - Bristol, UK
Barefeet Theater
Barefeet Theater is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that uses play, creativity, and empowerment to give vulnerable children in Zambia a chance at a better life.
Mobile Youth Work in the Global Context
The International Society for Mobile Youth Work grants public access to a collection of volumes containing the proceedings and conclusions of a series of symposia on mobile youth work in Georgia, Estonia, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and Cz
Two Interconnecting Puzzle Pieces: Trauma-Informed Approach and Restorative Justice
In a recent piece published by Youth Today, readers gain the opportunity to learn about the "It's About T.I.M.E (Trauma Informed Movement in Education) at the Guidance Center, which works in collaboration with the Long Beach Unifi
Good practice examples for managing children on the move
The website of the European Commission's Migrant Integration Information and good practices lists 1668 documents of identified good practice related to children on the move - including 267 case studies. 
EU Roma Integration Award for the Western Balkans and Turkey
In this report, Johannes Hahn, the European Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, had stated that the Roma people constitute one of the largest ethnic minority groups in Europe.
Toward an extracurricular curriculum: Afternoon studies for narrowing the educational gap
Children from ethnic minorities who live in Kosovo, especially the RAE community, lag in their schoolwork behind the majority of pupils for several reasons.
A model of integrated services for young people - Romania
This project Association of SOS Children's Villages Romania seeks to promote a model of integrated services for young people from disadvantaged groups.


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