Barnhaus: a quality review of 23 Swedish Barnahus

Save The Children

This publication by Save The Children Sweden reviews the characteristics of 23 Swedish Barnahus.

The Swedish Barnahus can be described essentially as follows: the Barnahus is a place at which the social services, the police, the public prosecutor’s office, forensic medicine, paediatrics and child and adolescent psychiatry (CAP) can confer and collaborate, particularly in the initial stages of the preliminary investigation and social investigation.

As a rule, the social services play a coordinating role, and one of more social workers are based on the premises. At one of the Barnahus the regular staff also includes police officers, while at others, it includes continuous access to child psychiatric competence. At consultative meetings and in urgent cases by phone, professional representatives consult with each other, plan and assign tasks. If a preliminary investigation is opened the forensic interview with the child takes place at the Barnahus. The professionals who need to hear the child’s narrative can follow the hearing by video in an adjacent room. There are also rooms for medical examinations and interviews. Every effort is made to ensure that forensic pathologists and paediatricians can work together at medical examinations, which are requested by the police or the office of the public prosecutor. The social services or Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (CAP) provide crisis support to the child.


To read a ChildHub overview of Barnahus and how it works, please click here.

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