A model of integrated services for young people - Romania

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20 Jan 2017
SOS Children's Villages Romania

This project Association of SOS Children's Villages Romania seeks to promote a model of integrated services for young people from disadvantaged groups. The project addresses the rural youth and the child protection system in the counties of Sibiu, Bacau, Bucharest-Ilfov and of integrated services and involves giving work to a total of 245 young people, on the basis of individualized plans and local plans. The project focuses on partnering at local and county levels, on resource mobilization at the level of authorities, communities and young people and on meeting the needs identified locally. The project was  implemented by the Association of SOS Children's Villages Romania in partnership with the Federation of NGOs for Children. The project promoter has an experience of over 15 years in providing young people separated from their parents and more than 6 years in providing services to young people in rural areas.


  • Improving life skills and labor market integration opportunities for 245 young beneficiaries of the project
  • Increasing the capacity of actors to provide support to young people locally and at county levels
  • Creation of local- and county networks to better meet the needs of young people using methodologies developed in the project
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