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Youth government with real power to influence: City of Érd (Hungary)

15 Mar 2015
Érd Most

The local government of Érd has approved a plan to create a youth local government, which will have a yearly budget, can participate in the regular local government meetings - and can submit proposals that pertain to students of the city.

An election will be held in September 2015, and the mayor who is elected by students will have legitimacy from these students and will represent them and get involved in the work of the city's governance.  Apart from mayors students will be able to vote for a vice-mayor and also representatives of the student city-government. All students between 14-18 can vote in the elections, the person receiving the most votes becomes mayor, the person receiving the second most votes becomes vice-mayor. Candidates cannot be 18 year-old, i.e. have to attend secondary school in the first three years. 2 candidates can be nominated per school and in August a one-week summer camp will help candidates prepare for elections.

At the conclusion of the campaign the candidates will:

  • present their campaign film (max. 2 minutes)
  • participate in a city-history competition
  • make a candidate speech and present their program (max. 5 minutes)
  • participate in the discussion of the candidates.

Rights and Obligations of the Youth Mayor

  • Represents the interests of students of the city of Erd.
  • Is a member and leader of the youth representative council.
  • Can call together the youth council and facilitate these meetings
  • Such Youth Council meetings should be called at least every two months
  • Has the right to submit proposals to the Erd city local government - based on the agreement and nomination by the youth council - in matters that pertain to them
  • When the mayor of the city presents a proposal in the Assemby that was submitted by the Youth Council - the youth mayor is entitled to repesent this proposal in the Assembly.
  • The mayor is entitled to represent the decisions of the youth council in public
  • The mayor is entitled to make press releases and to inform the city press about the decisions of the youth government and about its meetings.
  • The youth mayor is the chief editor of the website and facebook page of the youth council.
  • Can participate in the Assembly meetings of the City local government and can provide advice and proposals, and can ask for time to speak.
  • Is entitled to receive proposals of the regular local government ahead of the meetings so that he/she can provide comments on issues related to students. 
  • Participates in the city's events - and if asked - is entitled to make a speech.
  • The youth mayor has the right to use a mobile phone and laptop provided by the city's local government - for his/ger work in the youth government

A full description of the 'Constitution' for the youth council can be read in Hungarian.

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