Promising practices

This page collects descriptions and summaries of child protection practices that have been tried and tested and seem to work. While it would be presumptuous to call them 'best practices', they show great promise. We hope you can learn from them!

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Mobile Services in Bulgaria as Deinstitutionalization (DI) tool and beyond
The text describes “promising practice” mobile services for children and parents suffering abuse, neglect poverty and disability.
Social Innovation Fund of Serbia
The Social Innovation Fund (SIF) was designed as an innovative (reform) mechanism for transitional funding in the social welfare sector. Its implementation started in 2003 and continued until 2010.
The Child Protection Center of Zagreb
In Croatia the issue of child abuse was brought to public attention 20 years ago.
Romania - community integrated services for the most vulnerable
People are confronted with vulnerabilities in various stages of their lives. For many, living in poverty, exclusion situations or in marginalized areas is a permanent way of life.
Factors Enabling Roma Community Children Finish Secondary School
The article presents a study identifying the factors contributing to the successful completion of secondary education of Roma children from the Iztok Roma neighborhood in Kyustendil.  Out of the 20 children in the Roma neighborhood who completed s
The program of care after release from prison for juveniles
The scheme of care after release is a program based on community and that furthermore provides young offenders with an opportunity for an effective transition from prison back into the community, providing oversight regularly and the continuity of
(Kosovo) Comprehensive system was established for systematically addressing the issue of out-of-school children
 Kosovo has established a comprehensive system for systematically addressing the issue of out-of-school children.
Bullying Among the 5th Grade Students in Primary School and Preventive Measures
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to study the prevalence phenomenon of bullying among the 5th grade students of primary school, and the use of measures for its prevention. Research was conducted in two stages.
4 Alternatives to Detention for Juvenile Offenders: Manual of Good Practices in Europe [ChildHub Summary]
The following excerpt from the recent report published by the International Juvenile Justice Observatory summarises the key findings about alternatives to detention for juvenile offenders and their key benefits for the parties involved in the proc
Positive Practices for Child Participation in the EU: Children under protection and alternative care (ChildHub Summary)
Child participation in all aspects of modern society is extremely important for the good development of children.


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