Promising practices

This page collects descriptions and summaries of child protection practices that have been tried and tested and seem to work. While it would be presumptuous to call them 'best practices', they show great promise. We hope you can learn from them!

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Restoring Family Links
ICRC offers a platform for bringing families together, especially those thousands of family members who are separated by conflicts, disasters or migration every year.
Strategies to combat segregation of Romani children in schools
Segregation of Romani children in education persists and alters preschool, primary, and lower secondary education continent wide.
Brave Phone: helpline for children and parents
Brave Phone is non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 1997 aiming to help and protect abused and neglected children and to implement social services for children, their parents and professionals.
Using Social Media and the Arts to Transform Gender Norms: Case Study from the Young Men Initiative
The publication collects five case studies of the work of Care Intenrational Balkans addressing gender equality, gender-based violence through engaging young men (15-19), youth organisations.
Good Practice in Child Participation (in EU Member States)
The following list of identified good practice in Member States is listed as Annex 2. of the document "Evaluation of legislation, policy and practice on child participation in the European Union (EU)" starting on page 267.
Youth government with real power to influence: City of Érd (Hungary)
The local government of Érd has approved a plan to create a youth local government, which will have a yearly budget, can participate in the regular local government meetings - and can submit proposals that pertain to students of the city.
Opening Doors for Europe's Children
Across Europe hundreds of thousands of children are growing up in institutional care. The consequences are devastating for children, devastating for families and ultimately, devastating for society as a whole.
Improving health equity through action across the life course
After its final event, DRIVERS published three reports on early child development, employment & working conditions, and income & social protection.
The Bamboo Project on Child Resilience
An international learning initiative to understand resilience in children exposed to sexual abuse and sexual exploitation and its implications for service responses.
Creating change through partnership
The sexual exploitation of children has become an increasingly international phenomenon owing to the development of information technologies, trafficking networks, tourism and migration. Millions of children and young people under the age of 18 ar


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