Specific Modules for the "Case Management in Assisting Children Victims of Violence, Neglect, Exploitation and Trafficking" Training

Date published: 
29 Jan 2015
Terre des hommes Delegation in Moldova

The “Capacity Building of Child Protection Professionals” Training Manual joins the good practices of Tdh Moldova in strengthening the child protection system in Moldova through capacity building. It has been prepared in accordance with the training manuals produced by Terre des hommes Foundation on international level.

The manual includes four Trainings of Trainers:

  • Training of animators “Psychosocial group activities with children”;
  • Training of trainers “Psychosocial group activities with parents”;
  • “Game Library – an alternative form of extra-school education”;
  • Case management in assisting children victims or potential victims of violence, neglect, exploitation and trafficking

The training manual consists of two parts. The first part contains the four curricula of the ToTs mentioned above and the introduction of 36 constituent training modules. The second part of the manual contains the step-by-step description of all modules. The modules are assigned into five chapters, the general modules and the modules specific to each of the 4 curricula. Each training is based on some general modules and the corresponding specific modules. 

Below you can find the specific modules of the "Case management in assisting children victims of violence, neglect, exploitation and trafficking" Training:

  1. Case management in assisting children victims
  2. Interviewing the beneficiary
  3. The profile of the community social assistant
  4. Working with uncooperative families
  5. Community mobilization
  6. Professional motivation
  7. Supervision in social assistance. Theory and practice.
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Social Worker
NGO worker
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