Barnahus Webinars

Childhub Barnahus series: Preventing re-victimization when conducting forensic interviews at the Barnahus
Date of publication: 2019
Join us for the last in mini webinar series on forensic interviews in Barnahus on March 14th at 2pm CET done in cooperation with the PROMISE project! With reference to Barnahus Quality Standard 6, this webinar will explore how a forensic interview
Childhub Barnahus series: The importance of a forensic interview for child victims and witnesses of violence in criminal proceedings
Date of publication: 2019
Childhub continues the Barnahus series in 2019! In cooperation with the PROMISE project, we are organizing a mini webinar series on conducting forensic interviews with children victims and witnesses of violence.
CHILDHUB AND PROMISE WEBINAR SERIES: Formal agreements and the daily work of multidisciplinary interagency cooperation
Date of publication: 2018
In this webinar, a panel of experts will discuss how their formal interagency agreements were developed and what they contain. They will discuss who regulates the service and how such regulation is working.


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