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06 May 2020
These days, while we are all focused on #StayHome, trying to comply with all the recommended measures to end the pandemic as soon as possible, have we considered the most vulnerable groups that don’t feel safe behind closed doors? There are... Read more
06 May 2020
The website of Croatian Police Directorate announced the text of the international success of the campaign “Behind the Doors” (“Behind This Door Lives Mia”) on April 23, 2020. We convey the text in its entirety: “... Read more
23 Apr 2020
The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children's (NSPCC) research has revealed that lonely children are more likely to encounter abusive behavior online. NSPCC’s survey of 2,000 young people and children suggests... Read more


30 Jan 2020
What is child to parent violence and abuse (CPVA) and how can we support families in this situation? Join us in an interactive webinar to explore the topic in details and learn methods to deal with it as a professional. Please write... Read more
07 Nov 2018
This ChildHub Academy online course is aimed at professionals who are involved in carrying out assessments where there are concerns about the safety and wellbeing of a child.  In addition it will also be of interest to those who want to have a... Read more
15 Jan 2018
This e-course is designed for practitioners working with children and young people affected by sexual violence in order to help them develop particpiatory practices all through their work. The course is made up of an Introduction and six modules (... Read more


24 Apr 2020
A Practice Guide for Social Workers regarding domestic abuse and child welfare was published in April 2020 by BASW. In times of a pandemic and nationwide lockdowns, people are more vulnerable than ever and these circumstances heighten the risk of... Read more
12 Mar 2020
This investigation focusses on the growing problem of online-facilitated child sexual abuse. The increase in access to and use of the internet has brought undeniable benefits to society. It has also enabled a section of society to misuse the... Read more
28 Nov 2019
The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse published a research with young people into their views and experiences of online risks and sexual harm. The small-scale research included 213 young people aged 10-18, which means it is not... Read more


22 May 2020
Based on the practical guidance, written by Paul Bercea, on how to identify signs of abuse in children this infographic summarizes the main signs. Often children are not able to disclose what has happened to them, so it is very... Read more
26 Feb 2020
Violence involving young people is a serious problem that affects thousands of adolescents every day. Violent behavior among young people usually takes many forms, such as bullying, including cyberbullying, verbal abuse, fighting, ignoring.... Read more
16 Oct 2019
On the 15th October 2019 Tunisia became the 45th state to join the Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse. The Lanzarote Convention is the most ambitious and comprehensive international legal... Read more

Child sexual abuse

Child Sexual Exploitation - Threat from Pedophiles Online is ‘Vast and Extensive’
Date of publication: 2016
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a press release highlighting how the sexual exploitation of children online is vast and expansive.
Promoting Learning on Recovery and (Re)Integration from Child Sexual Exploitation
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: RISE Learning Network
This toolkit is designed to assist those working with victims of child sexual exploitation in monitoring and evaluating the reintegration of children and young people back into their families and/ or their wider communities. The toolkit provides i
Global study on Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism: Regional Report on Europe
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: ECPAT
This report details the environment in which the Sexual Exploitation of Children continues in Europe as well as providing some recommendations for government, nongovernment and private sector responses in the prevention and combating of this crime
Speak out against abuse!
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: Plan International
This child-friendly booklet aims at explaining the mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography, and the complaint mechanism made available to individuals to present complaints to the Rappo
Global Study: Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: ECPAT International
A two-year global study initiated by ECPAT International reveals that more children are being sexually exploited than ever before and that this is an endemic phenomenon throughout the world.
Situation analysis on the prevention of child maltreatment in Albania: the way forward
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: World Health Organzation
In April 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) published the report "Situation analysis on the prevention of child maltreatment in Albania: the way forward", prepared within the framework of the Biennial Cooperation Agreement between the WHO O
Victim of sexual abuse heard for the tenth time
Date of publication: 2016
The Economic weekly, 'HVG' writes about the deplorable phenomenon that children victims of sexual abuse are being heard by authorities for 5-10 times during a judicial process. Now the Ombudsman has also started an enquiry into this issue.
Calls for urgent inquiry into sexual abuse of Jewish children in illegal schools
Date of publication: 2016
An investigation by The Independent revealed that a London borough education authority destroyed records of children attending illegal Jewish schools where thousands of children are at risk of physical beatings and sexual abuse
Any child can be sexually exploited, whether they fit the stereotypes or not
Date of publication: 2016
The Guardian reports on the stereotypical assumptions about high-profile cases of child sexual exploitation (CSE) like those in Rotherham and Rochdale. According to a report, it has been suggested that all CSE victims are white British girls.
Children's Rights and Social Services
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: Council of Europe
In this publication the Council of Europe explores the critical role played by social services in the delivery and protection of children's rights. Elements of social care are child and family friendly across all Council of Europe member states.


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