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09 Feb 2020
Pershi Lastivky [Early Swallows] is a hit television drama series in Ukraine. It focuses on the lives of secondary school students and their struggles with bullying, cyberbullying, suicide, and other problems which have never been publicly addressed... Read more
22 Jan 2020
Women’s and children’s rights have been repeatedly violated on many points in Turkey, and now lawmakers aim to cause them more harm. In 2014, the Turkish president said equality between men and women is 'against nature... Read more
20 Jan 2020
The Hungarian-language online portal published an interview with Gyongyi Kugler, a clinical psychologist who works at the Budapest Victim Support Center where many of her patients are child victims of abuse. Kugler says she... Read more


03 Feb 2020
A key topic of interest that emerged from scoping undertaken as part of the development of the University Network Children Challenging Sexual Violence (CCSV) is the need for standardised ethical guidance for doing participatory... Read more
30 Jan 2020
What is child to parent violence and abuse (CPVA) and how can we support families in this situation? Join us in an interactive webinar to explore the topic in details and learn methods to deal with it as a professional. Please write... Read more
25 Nov 2019
Enhance your knowledge of gender-based violence and the forms of domestic abuse Domestic violence is a global health issue that can take many forms and affect anyone. Health and social care professionals play an important role in recognising... Read more


28 Nov 2019
The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse published a research with young people into their views and experiences of online risks and sexual harm. The small-scale research included 213 young people aged 10-18, which means it is not... Read more
01 Nov 2019
The publication focuses on: Mechanisms to report CSAM; Strengthening governance structures and multi-stakeholder co-operation; Implementing specific legislative and policy frameworks to criminalise OCSEA, identify perpetrators and... Read more
11 Oct 2019
On the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child, introduced by the UN in 2012 and celebrated yearly on October11th, Terre des Hommes launches again the “Indifesa” Campaign. This initiative aims at safeguarding education,... Read more


26 Feb 2020
Violence involving young people is a serious problem that affects thousands of adolescents every day. Violent behavior among young people usually takes many forms, such as bullying, including cyberbullying, verbal abuse, fighting, ignoring.... Read more
16 Oct 2019
On the 15th October 2019 Tunisia became the 45th state to join the Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse. The Lanzarote Convention is the most ambitious and comprehensive international legal... Read more
15 Oct 2019
The Regional TV spot is produced in the framework of the J/TiP project "Improving provision of services and raising awareness to combat Trafficking in Persons in the Balkans, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo”.  SOS Hotline for... Read more

Child sexual abuse

PROMISE Project Series - Enabling Child-Sensitive Justice
Publisher: Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat
PROMISE is a project based on the commitment of several European countries to strengthen “multi-disciplinary and interagency collaboration to ensure that child victims and witnesses of violence have access to Barnahus and benefit from a child-frie
Conference on Violence and Sexual Exploitation of Children 17-18 November 2017
The Know-How Center for Alternative Childcare (Bulgaria) team participates in organizing a conference against violence and sexual exploitation of children.
PROMISE Project Series - Compendium of Law and Guidance
Publisher: Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat and Child Circle
PROMISE is a project based on the commitment of several European countries to strengthen “multi-disciplinary and interagency collaboration to ensure that child victims and witnesses of violence have access to Barnahus and benefit from a child-frie
25 years of fighting the sale and sexual exploitation of children: addressing new challenges
Publisher: Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
This report summarizes the history, mandate, working methods, objectives and achievements of the UN Special Rapporteur on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography in its first 25 years of activity.
Hungarian Training to prevent sexual abuse
Blue Line Foundation organises workshops for child protection professionals on how to prevent and manage sexual abuse cases and the risk of children going missing after sexual abuse.
‘Power, ownership and control – when we give young people a platform how prepared are we to listen to what they have to say?'
The Our Voices Research and Practice Network has been set up to establish a better understanding of the value and ethics of participatory interaction with youth affected by sexual violence.
Celebrating the launch of the PROMISE Barnahus Network
#EUBarnahus – an exhibition On 25th November from 17.00 GMT / 18.00 CET / 19.00 Helsinki time the PROMISE Barnahus Network will open an Exhibition about Barnahus online an in person as well.
Zlatka’s story of early teen motherhood again raises issues of Roma in Bulgaria
The Sofia Globe reports that a 13-year-old girl from Bulgaria gave birth to a baby. The teenage girl belongs to Roma community and according to the country's Penal Code sexual intercourse under the age of 14 is criminalised. 
Training for Psychologists in Applying the Programme of Developing Adolescents' Resilience to Sexual Abuse and Exploitation "12PLUS"
National Center for Prevention of Child Abuse from Moldova announces the registration for the training of psychologists in the implementation of the programme of developing adolescents' resilience to sexual abuse and exploitation "12PLUS", which w
Protecting our children: vulnerabilities to grooming
Conference Programme Chair Sue Gower, Kent Safeguarding Children’s Board Keynote Speaker 1:Professor David Shemmings, Centre for Child Protection, University of Kent:  'Understanding Faith-based Abuse'


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