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16 Sep 2019
Child, early and forced marriages are still widespread. A 2017 United Nations Children’s Fund estimated 726,000 child brides around the world. Many brides are victims of commercial sex and sex trafficking, especially in poor countries,... Read more
30 Aug 2019
Professor David Shemmings and Yvonne Shemmings published findings from their qualitative research study into the sexual abuse of children in Chichester Diocese. They interviewed children and young people, survivors of abuse, and... Read more
09 Jul 2019
The Bulgarian National Television news report on SOS Children's Villages’ ‘Firefly - Illuminate the Darkness’ Project draws attention to how foster parents, social workers, psychologists and specialists working with children... Read more


07 Nov 2018
                      This ChildHub Academy online course is aimed at professionals who are involved in carrying out assessments where there are concerns about... Read more
15 Jan 2018
This e-course is designed for practitioners working with children and young people affected by sexual violence in order to help them develop particpiatory practices all through their work. The course is made up of an Introduction and six modules (... Read more
02 Nov 2017
Let's talk about sexual violence against children and its consequences. About children's right to participate. This webinar is designed for specialists, students and professionals and aims to reach an agreement on the terms used for... Read more


15 Jul 2019
The Welsh Government issued a Consultation document on the topic of safeguarling children from sexual exploitation. The Consultation document is related to the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014, in particular part 7 of the... Read more
01 Apr 2019
This scoping review looks at the global research around the role and scope of CSA medical examinations (paediatric forensic medical examinations) with a particular focus on the lived experience of children and the service specification in England.... Read more
01 Nov 2018
Children are lured, entrapped and forced into trafficking situations using the internet and related technologies in increasing numbers. The use of this technology for the purposes of child sex trafficking is a fairly new phenomenon.  As the... Read more


21 Apr 2019
The Child Sexual Abuse Centre has developed an informative, evidence-based resource for frontline practitioners in social care, health and police to explain the paediatric medical examination that takes place when there is an disclosure or suspicion... Read more
27 Nov 2018
Hintalovon Foundation in Hungary worked with a group of young Ambassador's to participate in the reporting to the Lanzarote committee. In 2018 the Committee started a thematic inquiry and the Hungarian young people have put together their own... Read more
08 Mar 2018
Usain Bolt will play in Unicef's Soccer Aid game in June. The Olympic sprinter will captain the World XI, while Robbie Williams heads up the England side.

Child sexual abuse

The protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse facilitated by information and communication technologies [Video]
Date of publication: 2017
Publisher: Council of Europe
On 18 November, the Council of Europe will celebrate the 3rd edition of the European Day on the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse.
A Guide on developing Communities of Practice
Date of publication: 2017
Publisher: LEAP
“Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.” (Wenger,2007).
Can we talk about sexual abuse of children in a common language? [ChildHub webinar in Bulgarian]
Date of publication: 2017
Let's talk about sexual violence against children and its consequences. About children's right to participate.
A FAMILIAR FACE Violence in the lives of children and adolescents
Date of publication: 2017
Publisher: United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Division of Data, Research and Policy
A Familiar Face: Violence in the lives of children and adolescents uses the most current data to shed light on four specific forms of violence: violent discipline and exposure to domestic abuse during early childhood; violence at school; violent d
[Hungary] There are clear signs of child sexual abuse
Date of publication: 2017
The Hungarian portal for young people, YELON published an article of Eva Kerpel on the signs of sexual abuse.
LEAP: Publication on the Impact and Results [Document]
Date of publication: 2017
The E-Magazine introduces the results of the EU-funded project LEAP: Life Skills, Leadership and Limitless Potential,  Participatory Methods for Working with Children and Young People Affected by Sexual Violence.
[International] WHO releases new guidelines Responding to children and adolescents who have been sexually abused
Date of publication: 2017
For the first time, WHO has published guidelines to help (primarily) front-line healthcare providers give high-quality, compassionate, and respectful care to children and adolescents (up to age 18) who have or may have experienced sexual abuse, in
[Croatia] Child Protection Center of Zagreb and PROMISE Project Presented At the 15th ISPCAN Regional Conference In Haague
Date of publication: 2017
Director of Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb, prof. dr. sc.
[Hungary] Is it possible to prevent child sexual abuse with a story book? - Interview with the authors
Date of publication: 2017
The independent political blog published an interview with two authors of the storybook "Lili and Braveness", which was published with the help crowdfunding.
LoveGuide Videos on Sexual Exploitation and Violence (In Bulgarian) [Video]
Date of publication: 2017
Publisher: LoveGuide
Three videos on sexual exploitation and violence. They are realized by the LoveGuide team, which answers questions related to sex and intimate relationships, exciting young people, with the help of short videos. Here are the links to them:


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