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27 Feb 2019
Migrant children and youth are especially vulnerable to social exclusion. Through the MINT Project, Terre des hommes and its partners aim to empower refugee and migrant children, as well as European youth, to engage in new integration activities. By... Read more
20 Nov 2018
BRUSSELS, 20 November 2018 – Sixty-eight per cent of children and adolescents in over 20 European countries feel welcoming and curious towards people from different nationalities living intheir country, according to the findings of an... Read more
19 Nov 2018
The Daily Sabah Turkey writes about the unaccompanied minors arriving in Turkey, seeking safety and a normal life. The Children's Support Center in Diyarbakir provides accommodation for migrant children, who now speak of their experiences on the... Read more


07 Nov 2018
The increased movement of children and families across Europe, the heightened vulnerabilities associated with this, and the variation in the response suggests the need for more consistent training for social workers and NGOs involved with migrant... Read more
26 Jun 2018
Close to 1 million migrants and refugees fleeing war, violence and poverty have been displaced throughout Western Europe. To address the evolving needs of this vulnerable population, Terre des Hommes developed several initiatives to increase... Read more
27 Mar 2018
Since the beginning of the so called "migrant and refugee crisis", many European countries have been facing difficulties while trying to cope with the crisis and effectively respond to the needs of the most vulnerable groups affected... Read more


03 Oct 2018
This summary describes the risks faced by children as well as the effects of movement on children. Risks on the Move As explained in our infographic, there is a whole spectrum of movement types for children. Those that involve irregular... Read more
03 Oct 2018
This review will inform the reader of migration trends, national policies, and the treatment of children on the move in Greece, Serbia, Italy, Hungary, and Bosnia. Please download the document below.
03 Oct 2018
This summary aims to illustrate areas of improvement for assisting children on the move in the capacity of a social worker or policymaker. Assessment According to Article 3 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, all actions concerning... Read more

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16 Apr 2015 by Judit Németh-Almasi
We are looking ideas, experience, approaches of working with 14-19 years olds. We would like to know methods and activities you use, or would...


21 Feb 2019
We are pleased to share with you below a link to the television series produced as part of the Coral Project: A series of 3 episodes of 7 minutes each that traces the life and migration path of little KoKotako and Assibavi. It informs the public... Read more
03 Oct 2018
This infographic will brief you on the concept of 'Children on the Move', which includes their identity, movement patterns and motivations, as well as the effects of migration on them. Read more
03 Oct 2018
This video provides brief overview of children on the move, the risks the face and assistance they require.

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Children on the move

Manual for Engaging Young Men and Boys in Emergencies
Date of publication: 2018
Publisher: CARE International Balkans
In response to the unfolding humanitarian crisis in 2015-2017 in the Balkans, CARE International Balkans (hereinafter referred to as CARE Balkans) provided urgent humanitarian assistance to refugees and migrants as they passed through Serbia on th
Child Protection Assessment Report, Gaza Strip, 2018
Date of publication: 2018
Publisher: Terre des hommes
Building upon a previous Child Protection Rapid Assessment (CPRA) conducted in 2014, a new CPRA has been released in early March 2018.
On the road to Europe
Date of publication: 2018
Publisher: CARE International Balkans
In response to the unfolding humanitarian crisis in the Balkans, since 2015, CARE International Balkans is providing urgent humanitarian assistance to refugees and migrants as they are passing through Serbia on their way to EU countries.
[Greece] Nearly 50 Syrian refugees arrive in Ireland from Greece
Date of publication: 2018
The Irish Times reports that ''nearly 50 Syrian refugees have arrived in Ireland from Greece this week under the Government’s relocation programme.
The Role of Social Services in Supporting Migrant Children and Young People [Video]
Date of publication: 2018
Publisher: European Social Network
A video on the role of social services in supporting migrant children and young people - from the European Social Network. 
[Greece] Boy, 5, dies after being run over outside refugee camp
Date of publication: 2018
''A 5-year-old refugee boy died on Friday after he was run over by a car on the road linking Mytilene, the capital of the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos, to the town of Mantamado'', Kathimerini reports.
[European Union] EU Commissioner Avramopoulos meets with UN leadership
Date of publication: 2018
''European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos had a series of meetings with the UN leadership on Friday in New York, to discuss international cooperation in issues related to migration and safety'', acco
[Greece] Ombudsman calls for support on refugees
Date of publication: 2018
''European Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly on Wednesday called for more assistance to Greece by other European Union member-states to deal with the refugee-migrant crisis,'' according to Kathimerini.
[Greece] A total of 117 migrants, refugees arrived on the Greek islands since Feb. 17
Date of publication: 2018
''A total of 117 migrants and refugees arrived on the northern Aegean islands in the last three days (17-20 February). There were 135 arrivals on Lesvos, 17 on Chios and 25 on Samos.
[Greece] Children among Turks seeking asylum after landing on Oinousses
Date of publication: 2018
Kathimerini reports that ''a group of 17 Turkish citizens seeking asylum in Greece after crossing on a rubber dinghy to the eastern Aegean island of Oinousses includes six children and four women.


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