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26 Jun 2020
Due to the coronavirus crisis schools were also closed in the crowded refugee camps on the Greek Aegean Islands (Kos, Leros, Samos, Lesvos and Chios) since March. However, thanks to the improved situation the non-formal education centres... Read more
19 Jun 2020
For World Refugee Day, 20 June, we asked Rawia, a 16-year-old from Africa who has lived in Romania for 8 years, to share with us her story. Rawia volunteers for Terre des hommes Foundation projects dedicated to children... Read more
18 Jun 2020
World Refugee Day, observed each year on June 20, celebrates the strength and courage of people who have been forced to flee their home country to escape conflict or persecution. The Day offers a chance to raise awareness of the plight of refugees... Read more


15 Sep 2021
This certificate course introduces its participants to main concepts, theoretical issues and current discussions in the field of migration and asylum. The course aims to present an overview of contemporary migrations... Read more
21 Mar 2021
With increasingly more multi-cultural and multi-ethnic societies due to new migration routes, migrant and refugee integration can be a challenge both for host communities as well as for migrant and refugees themselves. Lack of proper integration can... Read more
10 Feb 2020
Learn about unaccompanied and separated refugee and migrant children This course is about the care and protection of unaccompanied and separated refugee and migrant children who are moving across and between countries. This course will... Read more


29 Jun 2020
The second study report in the Misto Avilean project is the result of 45 interviews, 100 questionnaires, 20 infographics, summing up to 100 pages (in Romanian and English). The report develops mostly a practical approach, and less an... Read more
15 Apr 2020
Data and Trend Analysis (DATA) Refugees and Migrants at the Western Balkans Route Regional Overview, covering period October - December 2019, describes key trends in migrations in the region, detailing information about the number of people on... Read more
30 Mar 2020
In 2019, FRA Member States stated that about 33,000 migrant children entered EU unauthorized, over 5,000 were unaccompanied. However, during the latest FRA report highlighted the 10 main challenges migrant children face. These include: The... Read more

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16 Apr 2015 by Judit Németh-Almasi
We are looking ideas, experience, approaches of working with 14-19 years olds. We would like to know methods and activities you use, or would...


10 Sep 2019
Early childhood education and care (ECEC) programmes can help refugees and asylum seekers to integrate into new countries. This short animation dramatises the findings of a report looking at these programmes in nine countries (Belgium, Canada,... Read more
09 Sep 2019
This infographic is about identifying, supporting, and working with migrant children who are victims of torture. It was produced by Jun Pang, a Child Protection Intern at the Tdh Regional Office Europe.  Read more
09 Sep 2019
This infographic is about institutional barriers to and best practices for identifying, supporting, and working with migrant children who are victims of torture. It was produced by Jun Pang, a Child Protection Intern at the Tdh... Read more

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Children on the move

[Bosnia and Herzegovina] Bosnia must Immediately Close Vucjak Migration Camp - Council of Europe
Date of publication: 2019
The Council of Europe raised their concern regarding the Vucjak migration camp located in Bosnia and Hercegovina; the Council urged the Bosnian government to close the migration camp and to take further steps in improving the quality of treatment
Teacher's needs as regards the educational processes of roma migrant children in the Spanish educational system (EN/ES)
Date of publication: 2019
This document has been drafted in the context of the Project MISTO AVILEAN!, which has the main aim to address the difficulties faced by Roma children of Romanian origin to continue with their compulsory educational process when migrating with the
Promoting child-friendly approaches in the area of migration - Standards, guidance and current practices (2019)
Date of publication: 2019
Publisher: Council of Europe
You will find in this guidance international and European standards on child-friendly practices in the context of migration, with real-life illustrations of the kinds of initiatives, programmes and procedures that serve to implement these standard
[United Kingdom] Child Migration Brings an Array of Benefits to the Host Country and to Children
Date of publication: 2019
With the mainstream media in the UK seemingly determined to portray the impact of immigration as negative and harmful, it is vitally important for parity to be established and the truth to be vocalised.
[European Union] The Protection of Children in Migration – Promising Practices
Date of publication: 2019
The European Commission created a site to collect promising practices on the protection of children in migration.
[Greece] Τerre des hommes Hellas: Public Announcement on the new plan of the Greek Government to address the situation of migrants and refugees
Date of publication: 2019
The Greek child protection organization, Terre des hommes Hellas, believes the authorities’ new plans for refugees and migrants put at risk the mental health and well-being of thousands of children and young people.
[European Union] How Social Workers Can Protect Children across International Borders
Date of publication: 2019
‘There is a “new normal” emerging for childhood to which social work practice must adapt.’ – writes Caroline Housman, CEO of Children and Families Across Borders (CFAB) in her article.
[European Union] 5 questions and answers about Gender-Based Violence affecting children and youth on the move [BRIDGE project]
Date of publication: 2019
November 18 2019 is the European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse. This year’s theme is “Empowering children t
[Greece] Baby dies in Moria migrant camp, MSF reveals
Date of publication: 2019
Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said on Saturday that a nine-month-old baby died at the Moria migrant camp due to severe dehydration.
[Ireland] 'Success Story': Refugee wins Scholarship to Study Medicine
Date of publication: 2019
In Ireland, a 17-year-old girl, Suaad, who is a refugee from Syria, received a scholarship to further her studies due to her excellent grades. 


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