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22 Nov 2019
In the framework of the EU-funded PROMISE II project, and under the organisation of Terre des hommes and UNICEF, a three-day training took place in Budapest, 19-21 November 2019 for psychologists working in child protection. The topic was ‘... Read more
07 Nov 2019
A recent podcast discusses questions about child and adolescent to parent violence and abuse (CAPA): what it is, how to identify it compared to other behavioural concerns, when and why this form of abuse occurs, and how social workers should respond... Read more
17 Oct 2019
November 20th marks the 30th Anniversary of the UN Child Rights Convention. UNICEF Hungary has organised “Take Over Days” in Hungary for the past two years, and now, after Tdh has planned similar events in Romania, it is planning... Read more


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16 Jan 2020
This MOOC focuses on the psychological, juridical/legal and scientific research dimensions of Trauma-Informed Care (TIC). The modules are dedicated to an in-depth analysis of TIC; they are divided into sections organized in line with a multi-... Read more
13 Jan 2020
This online course discusses how do children overcome hazardous experiences to succeed in life and what can be done to protect young people at risk from trauma, war, disasters, and other adversities. Learn about the importance of fostering... Read more
07 Jan 2020
The course examines how children's social environments at different levels, such as the family, community and societal levels, influence children's adversity, development, and resilience. This course is aimed at child protection... Read more


01 Jan 2019
The National Child Traumatic Network (NCTN) has published a list of measures that front line professionals can use to assess the exposure to trauma among the migrant and refugee families and children. Many of the tools are available in numerous... Read more
01 Jan 2018
The booklet "How trauma affects children and young people" is designed for frontline professionals and caregivers detailing what trauma is, how it affects children, and what are the effects of trauma on children, risk (vulnerability)... Read more
01 Jan 2017
The Bulgarian NGO Foundation for Access to Rights – FAR - shared the Short Guide on the Support and Care of Asylum Seeking Torture Victims by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee. The handbook aims to propose a framework instrumental in... Read more


03 Oct 2019
Child protection practitioners (CPPs) may interact with migrant children victims of torture at asylum facilities, detention centers, medical care facilities, or others. It is important for CPPs to be able to identify if children have experienced... Read more
09 Sep 2019
This infographic is about identifying, supporting, and working with migrant children who are victims of torture. It was produced by Jun Pang, a Child Protection Intern at the Tdh Regional Office Europe.  Read more
09 Sep 2019
This infographic is about institutional barriers to and best practices for identifying, supporting, and working with migrant children who are victims of torture. It was produced by Jun Pang, a Child Protection Intern at the Tdh... Read more

Children who Experienced Trauma

Trauma-Informed Human Trafficking Screenings
Date of publication: 2015
This training concerns trauma-informed human trafficking screenings. Human trafficking victims often experience high levels of trauma, which can have a profound negative impact on their abilities.
Circus tricks heal war trauma for Ukrainian children
Date of publication: 2015
Ukraine Today reports on the summer school at Berlin's Cabuwazi circus, in which a Berlin-based NGO invites Ukrainian children from conflict areas to participate in circus activities with children from Berlin.
Refugee girls dress as boys to avoid sexual assault
Date of publication: 2015
The Hungarian daily 'Népszabadság' published an article about the Austrian refugee system. Currently there are more than 3800 unaccompanied minors being cared for - which is historical high - and results in  a dramatic situation.
Images of War: The Place of the War Past of the Parents in the Second Generation’s Identity
Date of publication: 2015
Publisher: Journal of Regional Security
Kalina Yordanova is a a psychotherapist for victims of torture, domestic violence and human trafficking. Her academic work is based on the conflicts in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Syria, namely the psychological consequences of war.
New Istanbul center treats Syrian children fleeing war
Date of publication: 2015
World Bulletin reports on the recently-opened Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Center in Fatih in Istanbul to help children affected by the Syrian conflict receive psychological support.
A fairy tale or reality - human trafficking (Video)
Date of publication: 2015
Publisher: P.U.L.S.E Foundation
Every year more than 10 000 Bulgarian women and girls become victims of sexual exploitation.
Family violence can affect children even before birth, royal commission told
Date of publication: 2015
'The Guardian' reports about the influence of domestic violence to children development. Some experts say that domestic violence experienced by their mother can affect children even before they are born.
Children and Trauma
Date of publication: 2015
Publisher: Center for child protection Zagreb
What is a traumatic event? Traumatic events are difficult and disturbing events that occur suddenly and unexpectedly, causing people to feel upset and experience a lot of stress.
Identifing Sexual Abuse
Date of publication: 2015
SOS Children Village in Hungary started a series of articles about the sexual abuse of children - and how to support children who have been abused.
Children of War
Date of publication: 2015
Innocent children pay the price for the war in Eastern Ukraine. Jevgenij Feldman, Russian photograph has made a series of photos of children who have fled the war zone for Mashable, online news portal.


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