Special section: Decentralisation

On this page you will find resources and information on Decentralisation of social services, including information on the ChildHub conference on the same subject.

About the Conference

18 Jul 2016
Slides and posters from the Regional Policy Forum: Impact of Decentralisation on Social Services, May 10-11 2016 in Vienna, Austria.    Posters: Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Kosovo Moldova Romania... Read more
11 Jun 2016
On 10-11 May 2016 in Vienna, Austria, the Child Protection Hub for South East Europe organised a Regional Policy Forum on Decentralisation of Social Services. This event brought together over 60 participants, including policy makers, local... Read more
24 May 2016
Conference research reports were developed for the conference „Decentralisation of Social Services: Methods, Consequences,Lessons Learnt” that took place 10-11 May 2016 in Vienna, Austria, organised by ChildHub. There are nine papers... Read more
18 May 2016
On 10-11 May 2016 Child Protection Hub for South East Europe organised a Policy Forum on Impact of Decentralisation on Social Services in Vienna, Austria. The event brought together about 60 policy makers, local authorities, representatives of... Read more


01 Jun 2018
Dear colleagues, we are sharing with you the UNICEF document “Ending institutionalization and strengthening family and community based care for children in Europe and beyond”. The document aims at highlighting the need for the process of... Read more
01 Apr 2018
We are presenting this report (in Bulgarian) created by the Know-How Center for the Alternative Care for Children, NBU, entitled "The Process of Deinstitutionalization From a First-Person Point of View". The text looks at problems and... Read more
12 Jun 2017
This document was initiated by the NGO Coalition for Child Protection (KOMF) within the mission to protect, respect and advancement of children's rights and well-being. This document represents the opinion of 22 coalition member organizations... Read more


Childs Rights Monitoring at Local Level
Date of publication: 2007
Publisher: Save The Children
The study concludes by discussing the necessity to establish a balance of power, a resort in case of violations and alternative sources of informat…
Conference on "The role of the community in the implementation of reforms in education and social sphere"
The political transition in Bulgaria has caused social, economic, and demographic changes that ruin the ties of trust in the community. Lack of trust deprives people living in it of the support they need to develop.
Investing in Children’s Services improving outcomes
Publisher: European Social Network
The project Investing in children’s services, Improving Outcomes aims to support the implementation of the European Recommendation “Investing in children: breaking the cycle of disadvantage”, which recommends that national governments promote...


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