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28 Dec 2018
The National Network for Children (Bulgaria) shared a survey done by the Gallup International sociological agency from the beginning of December 2018, which indicated that Bulgarians are moderately tolerant regarding various topics of family... Read more
17 Dec 2018
Empowering Roma Women to Support Children's Education The Know-How Center for Alternative Care for Children in partnership with the Opportunity and Protection Association, the European Roma Information Office (ERIO), the Tulip Foundation and... Read more
13 Feb 2018
The Autonomous Women's Center project is designed as a contribution to the prevention of violence and it is implemented in the period from January 2016 to the end of 2018. Project activities are implemented in 15 cities in Serbia, and include... Read more


15 Jan 2018
This e-course is designed for practitioners working with children and young people affected by sexual violence in order to help them develop particpiatory practices all through their work. The course is made up of an Introduction and six modules (... Read more
13 Nov 2017
Gain the skills to assess and manage incidents of sexualised behaviour within your primary school. Working at your own pace, this online course will teach you how to: recognise which sexual behaviours are healthy and which are of concern... Read more
15 May 2017
The course is open to upper year undergraduates; postgraduates; NGO activists and practitioners interested in interdisciplinary human rights, gender equality, women’s empowerment, migration; young lawyers and social scientists; active and... Read more


01 May 2018
Launched in 2017, Breaking the Cycle is a project that aims at building capacity in the field of youth, increasing the capacity of organizations working in the area of gender-based violence (GBV) by responding to the need for specific, innovative... Read more
01 Mar 2018
In response to the unfolding humanitarian crisis in 2015-2017 in the Balkans, CARE International Balkans (hereinafter referred to as CARE Balkans) provided urgent humanitarian assistance to refugees and migrants as they passed through Serbia on... Read more
01 Jan 2018
Family for Every Child produced a report this year titled 'Caring for Boys Affected by Sexual Violence'.  This initial study sought to understand existing knowledge on the drivers of sexual violence affecting boys, and the existing... Read more


26 Oct 2017
The E-Magazine introduces the results of the EU-funded project LEAP: Life Skills, Leadership and Limitless Potential,  Participatory Methods for Working with Children and Young People Affected by Sexual Violence. Partners in the project... Read more
18 Sep 2017
Three videos on sexual exploitation and violence. They are realized by the LoveGuide team, which answers questions related to sex and intimate relationships, exciting young people, with the help of short videos. Here are the links to them:... Read more
30 Jun 2017
Thames Valley Police have highlighted the issue by promoting a cartoon comparing sexual intercourse to a well known British pastime – drinking a cup of tea. The result is this simple, effective and at times quite funny video, which... Read more

Gender based violence

Glossary on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: United Nations
This glossary aims at compiling existing terminology and nomenclature related to SEA to provide conceptual clarity and a common understanding of key terms used by different United Nations entities in the discourse on this topic.
Europol warns streaming child abuse among rising cybercrime
Date of publication: 2016
'RTE' reports that live streaming of child sexual abuse and so-called "revenge porn" is on the rise on the internet, Europe's police agency has warned, saying vulnerable children are increasingly falling victim to sexual predators.
Sex Slavery Thriving On Facebook And WhatsApp. Mark Zuckerberg, Are You Listening?
Date of publication: 2016
Mensxp.com reports that sex slavery is very real today, even though International Law says it’s illegal in every country of the world.
Estonian parliamentary panel backs ratification of child protection convention
Date of publication: 2016
'The Baltic Times' reports that the Legal Affairs Committee of the Estonian parliament today unanimously backed ratification of the Lanzarote Convention on the protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse.
Sharp rise in child indecent images in Scotland
Date of publication: 2016
The BBC reports that over 1,900 offences involving possession of indecent images of children were reported by Scottish police since 2013 and a 17% rise in cases between 2015-16.
How to spot if a child is being sexually abused and what you should do to stop it
Date of publication: 2016
Jan Coles, head of a Child Sex Exploitation team, writes for The Mirror on the tell-tale signs children are being groomed, forced, coerced or tricked into performing a sexual act.
The Consequences of Violence Towards Children (Infographic)
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: Child Protection Hub/ Katie Javanaud
This infographic provides essential information on the consequences of violence towards children. In both the short and long term, all forms of violence experienced during childhood can lead to poor physical and mental health.
Because I am a girl: Ending violence against women and girls (Infographic)
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: Plan International
This infographic from PLAN international presents the scale of gender based violence across the world.
Exploring the relationship between neglect and harmful sexual behaviours in children and young people
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: NSPCC
This is the third report in a three-part publication series by the NSPCC exploring the relationship between neglect in childhood and other forms of harm.
Danger every step of the way
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: UNICEF
This report from UNICEF hightlights that children risk detention, rape, forced labour, beatings or death.


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