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07 Jul 2020
"Romani Street View", film by Olivier Pagani - https://vimeo.com/143235003 ”Six families from the same village did the same trip. 3000 km, from Romania to my school. We always imagine them on the roads, but they only talk... Read more
13 May 2020
Reuters reports on the decision of the Supreme Court in Hungary and the developments around the case of unlawfully segregated Roma children. The case Classroom situation of ethnic tensions at an elementary school in Gyongyospata, east of... Read more
21 Feb 2020
The independent media platform for human rights journalism Marginalia.bg reported that the Commission for Protection against Discrimination (CPD) has sentenced the kindergarten "Zhelyazko Popnikolov" in Vidin, Bulgaria, the... Read more


25 Mar 2017
In this report, Johannes Hahn, the European Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, had stated that the Roma people constitute one of the largest ethnic minority groups in Europe. Within the Western portion... Read more
01 Feb 2017
Children from ethnic minorities who live in Kosovo, especially the RAE community, lag in their schoolwork behind the majority of pupils for several reasons. The result is a vicious circle where school failure leads to poverty which in turn deprives... Read more
20 May 2016
Child participation in all aspects of modern society is extremely important for the good development of children. Furthermore it is extremely important that children belonging to vulnerable groups that are already marginalized in society have an... Read more


07 May 2020
Roma communities in Europe face a heightened risk for death and complications from COVID-19, as their situation marked by racism and poverty has been worsening during the last decade. Every third Roma child lives in a household where someone went to... Read more
05 Sep 2019
The European Commission published the 2019 report focusing on national implementation of Roma inclusion measures. The report shows the most vital factors influencing four policy areas (education, employment, health, housing), as well as trends... Read more
01 May 2018
Final Report of the Red Cross of Serbia "Mapping children and youth outside the education system in rural areas" is made within the "Joint program for inclusion of roma children and children from sensitive groups in education... Read more


04 Feb 2020
The Bulgarian NOVA television shared the story of Galina Ryom-Røjbek, who is a world unicycle champion and through the idea of "social circus" inspires children to believe in themselves. At only 6 days old, Galina was abandoned in a... Read more
19 Mar 2019
Free Europe Bulgaria (Svobodna Evropa) shared this short film (in Bulgarian) about the story of Snezhana Ivanova, a Bulgarian woman from the poor Sofian district Fakulteta, who has successfully escaped from the closed circle of life in the ghetto.... Read more
18 Jan 2019
We are sharing this lecture by sociologist Loïc Wacquant on the topic of "Advanced Marginality, Ethnoracial Divisions and the Strategies of the State." The lecture is in English and is 2 hours long. Wacquant discusses "what... Read more

Integration of Roma

A Successful School Integration Program
Date of publication: 2009
Publisher: Roma Education Fund
This paper sets out to establish clear evidence on the issue of segregation of Roma and non-Roma in education in Hungary, with a focus on the impact of the National Educational Integration Network (OOIH).
School as Ghetto
Date of publication: 2009
Publisher: Roma Education Fund
This study examines the overrepresentation of Roma children in special education in Slovakia and the contributing factors to this phenomenon.
The schooling of Roma children in Belgium
Date of publication: 2009
Publisher: King Baudouin Foundation
Given the angle assumed, this study is characterized by a somewhat original bias: the desire to hear the Roma’s own voice, to get Roma parents to e…
A Tale of Two Schools
Date of publication: 2008
Publisher: Amnesty International
Almost all the pupils at the primary “special school” in Pavlovce nad Uhom, eastern Slovakia, are Roma. The school is intended for children who hav…
A Fresh Wind Across the Prairie - The European Court of Human Rights Acknowledges Systemic Discrimination in the Case of Education of Romani Children from the Czech Republic
Date of publication: 2007
Publisher: European Roma Rights Center
On 13 November 2007, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights announced the much awaited decision in the case of D.H. and others v….
Breaking the cycle of exclusion
Date of publication: 2007
Publisher: United Nation Children's Fund
The report seeks to a) raise awareness of the extent children, especially Roma children, suffer from social exclusion; b) identify the key critical…
Romani Children and the Hungarian Child Protection System
Date of publication: 2007
Publisher: European Roma Rights Center
The authors of the present study refrain from calling the discriminating procedures with respect to the treatment of Romani children “racist”, sinc…
Romani Children in the Hungarian Child Protection System
Date of publication: 2007
Publisher: European Roma Rights Center
This report examines the findings and implications of research on Romani children in the Hungarian child protection system, explores the applicabil…
Assessing the Right of Forcibly Separated Romani Families to Compensation: Lessons from the Canadian Experience
Date of publication: 2007
Publisher: European Roma Rights Center
With specific regard to the policies targeting and the treatment of Native Canadian children, striking similarities can be seen between the Cana…
Changes in the Czech System of Child Protection and Hope for Children in Institutional Care
Date of publication: 2007
Publisher: European Roma Rights Center
During the not very distant totalitarian past in Czech Republic, it was quite common for people in wheel chairs to be cleared from the streets of …


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