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03 May 2019
   A new CNN report highlighted the latest anti-Roma violence in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. Once known as a positive example of Roma integration, Bulgaria is now facing ethnic violence between the Roma community and ethnic Bulgarians.... Read more
29 Apr 2019
The article written by Vladimir Kolev and published on the European Public Health Alliance website provides a concise overview of the most salient events of the fourth EU Roma Week, which took place from the 18th to the 21st of March.... Read more
08 Apr 2019
Roma children engaged in migration are often excluded from compulsory education. The lack of coordination between schools in localities of origin and destination, often coupled with discriminatory attitudes towards the Roma, impede children’s... Read more


25 Mar 2017
In this report, Johannes Hahn, the European Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, had stated that the Roma people constitute one of the largest ethnic minority groups in Europe. Within the Western portion... Read more
01 Feb 2017
Children from ethnic minorities who live in Kosovo, especially the RAE community, lag in their schoolwork behind the majority of pupils for several reasons. The result is a vicious circle where school failure leads to poverty which in turn deprives... Read more
20 May 2016
Child participation in all aspects of modern society is extremely important for the good development of children. Furthermore it is extremely important that children belonging to vulnerable groups that are already marginalized in society have an... Read more


01 May 2018
Final Report of the Red Cross of Serbia "Mapping children and youth outside the education system in rural areas" is made within the "Joint program for inclusion of roma children and children from sensitive groups in education... Read more
28 Feb 2017
In order to tackle early school leaving and improve social inclusion, school systems are pressured to answer the needs of students in a holistic way and recognise their individual talents and voices. Inclusive systems in and around schools are well... Read more
20 Dec 2016
The analysis developed by the UK's Traveller Movement tells a compelling and troubling story about the experiences of Gypsy, Traveller and Roma children and services they interact with. They are consistently failed as they progress through... Read more


19 Mar 2019
Free Europe Bulgaria (Svobodna Evropa) shared this short film (in Bulgarian) about the story of Snezhana Ivanova, a Bulgarian woman from the poor Sofian district Fakulteta, who has successfully escaped from the closed circle of life in the ghetto.... Read more
18 Jan 2019
We are sharing this lecture by sociologist Loïc Wacquant on the topic of "Advanced Marginality, Ethnoracial Divisions and the Strategies of the State." The lecture is in English and is 2 hours long. Wacquant discusses "what... Read more
15 Sep 2016
Vanco Dzambaski published a photo album on Flickr to draw attention to the plight of a Roma community in Skopje wh oare being evicted.

Integration of Roma

[United Kingdom] Tips for Social Workers Supporting East-European Roma Families
Date of publication: 2017
The Roma community are one of the most marginalised ethnic groups and have low educational achievement, low life expectancy and low levels of employment.
[Czech Republic] Report: Roma children often experience school segregation
Date of publication: 2017
The abnormal discrepancies in education among Roma and non-Roma youth within the Czech Republic have been most recently spotlighted.
[Bulgaria] In Class or in Jail?
Date of publication: 2017
Transition Online, spotlights the recent consecutive physical attacks of civilians in Bulgaria perpetrated by Roma individuals throughout the country. 
[Bosnia and Herzegovina] ’Let’s ginga together’ project begins with workshops for children and youth in Banja Luka
Date of publication: 2017
Blue phone in cooperation with the sports association "Capoeira Banjaluka" will commence the implementation of 16 combined workshops of Capoeira and non-violent communications for children and young people under 18 years old, beginning on
[Bulgaria] Bulgarian gov't set sights on school dropout prevention
Date of publication: 2017
It has recently been reported that the government of Bulgaria is beginning to place more emphasis on the importance of the education of the country's youth, in response to the lack of economic opportunity present in the country and the poor educat
[United Kingdom] Govanhill kids learn about travelling with help of a traditional gypsy caravan
Date of publication: 2017
The Evening Times recently published a story about a Govanhill school, where young children have recently been learning about the wonders of traveling and journeys through the use of a traditional gypsy caravan.
[Serbia] Police blasted for not letting Roma children play in park
Date of publication: 2017
b92 news has noted the circulation of a recent online video of a Serbian police officer disallowing Roma children to play in a Belgrade local playground.
[Serbia] Hate speech in Serbia reminiscent of 1990s - ECRI
Date of publication: 2017
The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) a branch of the Council of Europe which deals with human rights has recently expressed concern regarding Serbia's perpetuating hate speech and violence directed to LGBT members and Roma
[Slovakia] Life in Slovakia's Roma slums: Poverty and segregation
Date of publication: 2017
Aljazeera presents an idea of life in a Roma slum in Slovakia through a most recent article. In the centre of Jarovnice, Slovakia, rests a penurious village situated in the area of Sabinov, along the country's east.
We are announcing the winner of the Call for Small Innovative Projects (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Date of publication: 2017
After long deliberation and an arduous assessment process of the received 35 proposals, ChildHub is ready to announce the winner of the


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