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About the Conference

18 Dec 2015
The report provides a summary of the conference proceedings including the discussions in the break-out sessions.
11 Nov 2015
Teams and professionals representing different child protection stakeholders gathered together at the conference named  “Sharing Realities of Multi-Disciplinary Team Working” organised by Child Protection Hub, Terre des Hommes and... Read more
05 Nov 2015
On November 9-10, 2015 in Prishtina, Kosovo, Terre des hommes, Child Protection Hub and Defence for Children are holding a regional conference, “Sharing the Realities of Multi-Disciplinary Team Working.”  It shall bring together... Read more


Find legislation, description of national systems, evaluation of multi-disciplinary child protection practices in different countries.

Multi-Disciplinary Team Work

Integrated Child Protection System - Examples (Video)
Date of publication: 2017
Publisher: ChildHub
ChildHub has produced a short video to explain how a European, integrated child protection system would work in practice.
Strengthening further the Child protection System in Kosovo continues
Date of publication: 2017
On 29 March Terre des hommes Kosovo (Tdh) organized the launching of the Project “Child Protection Safety Net - Phase III”.
Child Protection Index - Bosnia and Herzegovina 2016
Date of publication: 2017
Publisher: World Vision International, in partnership with ChildPact and network “Stronger Voice for Children” Bosnia and Herzegovina
"The Child Protection Index is designed to encourage regional cooperation, stimulate more robust implementation of the UNCRC, and serve as a policy analysis tool for civil society, governments and donors.
Multidisciplinary cooperation in the best interests of children witnesses and victims of sexual abuse
Date of publication: 2017
This article discusses procedures related to children safety when witnessing about sexual abuse cases in Croatia.
Preparatory meeting on improvement of inter-sectoral cooperation in the protection of children from violence in local communities in Serbia
Date of publication: 2017
On January 31st a preparatory meeting took place on the improvement of inter-sectoral cooperation in the protection of children from violence in local communities in Serbia. The meeting was held in the Institute for Social Protection and brought t
A Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings
Date of publication: 2017
Publisher: Inter-Agency Standing Committee
The Inter-Agency Standing Committee provides a document that formulates the basis of assessing mental health and well-being, while ensuring psychological supplementation.
What is Barnahus and how it works
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: Child Protection Hub
What is Barnahus?
The Zagreb Child Protection Center (Video)
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: Child Protection Hub for South East Europe
The short video describes how the Child Protection Center of Zagreb works in an inter-disciplinary way to treat and rehabilitate child victims of abuse and find them permanent solutions.
Launching protocol for multi-disciplinary work in child protection (Video)
Date of publication: 2016
Ms. Alketa Lasku, Deputy Country Representative of Terre des hommes was invited in the morning show in Klan Kosova to discuss the launch of the Protocol "Multi-disciplinary work on Child Protection".


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