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About the Conference

18 Dec 2015
The report provides a summary of the conference proceedings including the discussions in the break-out sessions.
11 Nov 2015
Teams and professionals representing different child protection stakeholders gathered together at the conference named  “Sharing Realities of Multi-Disciplinary Team Working” organised by Child Protection Hub, Terre des Hommes and... Read more
05 Nov 2015
On November 9-10, 2015 in Prishtina, Kosovo, Terre des hommes, Child Protection Hub and Defence for Children are holding a regional conference, “Sharing the Realities of Multi-Disciplinary Team Working.”  It shall bring together... Read more


Find legislation, description of national systems, evaluation of multi-disciplinary child protection practices in different countries.

Multi-Disciplinary Team Work

The case of a sister (born 2014) and brother (born 2007) neglected by their mother (Moldova)
At the end of 2015, the community social worker from a village of Calarasi district has identified and referred the case of a sister (Elena*, born 2014) and brother (Ionut*, born 2007), following the death of their maternal grandfather.
Bulgarian National Conference "The Geography of Restorative Justice in Bulgaria"
The National Conference "Geography of Restorative Justice in Bulgaria" will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria on 31.05 and 01.06.2019. The event is organized by Restorative Justice Bulgaria.
Case of a child being abused and coerced into begging by parents: challenges, approaches and risks [Case discussion in Bosnian]
A recording of a six-year-old girl from 2014 (when she was four years old) shows her begging and on the being abused and coerced by her parents into begging streets of Sarajevo (data by Mobile Team for prevention of the begging of the public insti
Second Monthly Discussion Meeting of the Know-How Center for the Alternative Care for Children, NBU
The team of the Know How Center for the Alternative Care for Children at the New Bulgarian University invites you to participate in the discussion on the case study "Multidisciplinary work and opportunities for information exchange between institu
Understanding and applying a systems approach to child protection: a guide for programme staff
Publisher: Terre des hommes
This new guide builds upon the thematic policy document and other related literature by giving additional guidance for applying a systems approach in practice. The guide is specifically aimed at programme staff, assisting them in the transition...
The model of multi-agency team work in cases of children exposed to violence, abuse or exploitation (Albania)
Publisher: Terre des hommes Albania
There is a legal basis for multi-agency collaboration especially within the Family Law, the new Law on Justice for Children, (and other laws as well), the WHO Framework Protocol for treatment in the protection of children from abuse and neglect, a
Sharing the Realities of Multi-Disciplinary Team Working- Regional Conference
ChildHub - in association with Defence for Children International and Terre des hommes Kosovo - is organizing a Regional Conference “Sharing the Realities of Multi-Disciplinary Team Working”, that is going to take place on 9-10 of Novembe


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