Special section: Participation

In this section you will find a selection of resources on the importance of consulting with children and young people, including those with disabilities: manuals, practical steps, promising practices, learning opportunities and other.


18 May 2019
The National Network for Children, Bulgaria, announced two new services for children at risk officially opened in the city of Kazanlak: the Emergency Center for Accommodating Children at Risk, and the Blue Room in the Center for Public Support.... Read more
18 Mar 2019
The National Network for Children Bulgaria announced that the Health and Sport Directorates of the Municipality of Varna will launch eight new health programs this year. Among them is the Hippotherapy and Rehabilitation of Children with... Read more
18 Mar 2019
Across Sub-Saharan Africa, families are more likely to invest in the education of boys than in that of girls; in Zambia, for example, girls drop out at a rate three times as much as boys in the transition to secondary school. Low educational... Read more


26 Apr 2018
The Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action was one of the key outcomes of the World Humanitarian Summit and called for the development of guidelines on the inclusion of persons with disabilities in... Read more
06 Nov 2017
This free course, aimed at parents and professionals, is being offered as a guide to helping identify and deal with depression and low mood amongst teenagers and young people. The course will help them to recognise low mood and... Read more
11 Oct 2017
This course offers an introduction to the issue of anxiety among teenagers and young people. It is aimed at health professionals and teachers without specialist training in this area, and does not require any prior experience or knowledge. The... Read more


20 Feb 2019
Municipal Regulation and Action Plan on Children’s Rights aims to put in the center of their attention and reinstate as a priority in their municipal governance agenda the issues dealing with and related to children. These documents provide... Read more
27 Nov 2018
We are sharing the national representative survey "Voices of the Children" conducted by the Market Links research agency in the period January - February 2017, as per a UNICEF Bulgaria assignment. It follows the model of one of the largest... Read more
03 Oct 2018
Technology can be introduced to ways in which children are engaged with regards to protection. This generally includes education, data collection, and communication with social workers/ child services. While propositions in this article make... Read more


18 May 2019
"What is Social Work?" was the topic of the first monthly discussion meeting organized by the Know-How Center for the Alternative Care for Children. Unfortunately, for the moment the videos are only available in Bulgarian. The topic of... Read more
11 Apr 2019
Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (FSCI Bulgaria) shared this video from channel bTV's "We Believe in Good". The video presents a restaurant in the capital Sofia which "hires young people at risk and teaches them social... Read more
09 Nov 2018
The Bulgarian Society for Group Analysis and Group Processes (BSGAGP) shared the short film "The Found Children" on their YouTube channel. The film is part of the GLOBUL long-term social program "Let's Hear the Children's... Read more


MHPSS and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action
Date of publication: 2018
The Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action was one of the key outcomes of the World Humanitarian Summit and called for the development of guidelines on the i
[Serbia] Project "Monitoring the Implementation of the Recommendations of the Committee on the Rights of the Child of the United Nations"
Date of publication: 2018
In partnership with the UNICEF Office in Serbia, as well as in cooperation with the Office for Human and Minority Rights of the Republic of Serbia, the Center for the Rights of the Child conducts the project "Monitoring the Implementation of the R
[International] TEGA - A groundbreaking, award-winning approach to adolescent research
Date of publication: 2018
TEGA is a mobile based, peer-to-peer research app used by some of the world’s leading development organisations to provide safer, faster, more scalable and authentic research around the world. 
Date of publication: 2018
This draft guide has been developed to support the mainstreaming of good practice in child protection across all areas of Tdh work.
[International] Methodological Plan for Field Visits - You Create project
Date of publication: 2018
In the context of the You Create project, field visits will be organized by the academic partner, the International Institute for Child Rights and Development, in order to capture best practices and lessons learnt on the use of arts to support chi
[International] Tdh Mental Health and Psychosocial Support interventions - Mapping and modelisation (Upcoming)
Date of publication: 2018
Tdh has been implementing various Mental Health and Psycho Social (MHPSS) interventions across different contexts (development and humanitarian contexts) and programmes (for children on the move, children in contact with the law, children in need
[Bulgaria] Young People are Often Affected by Rude Behavior from Representatives of the Police
Date of publication: 2018
Young people, at risk or in conflict with the law in Bulgaria are meeting regularly in Rousse, in order to voice their opinion on the justice system, and to contribute to the development of training material for justice professionals. They have...
[Romania] In Bacau country, 37 communities benefit from infrastructure investments in social, health and education sectors
Date of publication: 2018
"Support for social infrastructure, health and education" (SHINE), a project that aims to support social, health and education services by implementing infrastructure investments in 37 localities (communes and towns) in B


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