Special section: Participation

In this section you will find a selection of resources on the importance of consulting with children and young people, including those with disabilities: manuals, practical steps, promising practices, learning opportunities and other.


03 Feb 2020
The Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science has assigned a study of the effectiveness of activities based on interests conducted during the second academic term of the 2018/2019 academic year and during the first term of the 2019/2020... Read more
27 Jan 2020
In January, Eurochild and the Learning for Well-being Foundation published a resource for anyone and everyone looking to implement and strengthen child participation: We Are Here: A Child Participation Toolbox. NGOs and civil society... Read more
24 Jan 2020
The UN General Assembly launched the World Programme for Human Rights Education to develop knowledge and skills, to promote a framework for actions to be taken, and to strengthen collaboration at all levels. The programme encourages everyone to... Read more


28 Feb 2020
The webinar is intended for professionals in the field of mental health and social work. Webinar goals: Every year hundreds of unaccompanied children and young people from Asian countries transit through Bulgaria legally or illegally.... Read more
31 Jan 2020
The webinar is intended for: The webinar is designed for professionals in the field of mental health and social work. Webinar goals: The webinar aims to present the experience of the so-called support network built within the project... Read more
18 Dec 2019
About the webinar: This webinar is designed for professionals involved in care for children at risk and is connected to the child care process management. Webinar goals: to present the "Fulfilling (Im)Possible Dreams... Read more


27 Jan 2020
The Toolbox builds on a children’s rights perspective to provide the tools needed to implement meaningful child participation in a variety of settings and to prepare children to play leading roles in participatory events. It builds on an... Read more
18 Nov 2019
Children and young people have a key stake in Europe’s future. Not only because it is their future that is affected by today’s decisions, but also because their involvement in decision-making helps them to understand democratic values... Read more
01 Nov 2019
Assess the progress of EU Member States in implementing the European Commission ‘Recommendation on Investing in Children: Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage’ and the ‘European Pillar of Social Rights’ (particularly... Read more


04 Feb 2020
The Bulgarian NOVA television shared the story of Galina Ryom-Røjbek, who is a world unicycle champion and through the idea of "social circus" inspires children to believe in themselves. At only 6 days old, Galina was abandoned in a... Read more
10 Oct 2019
The Bulgarian NOVA Television reported about the "Social Circus Project" by psychologists and artists project, which aims to find a vocation for children without parents and disadvantaged people on the verge of puberty. The... Read more
18 May 2019
"What is Social Work?" was the topic of the first monthly discussion meeting organized by the Know-How Center for the Alternative Care for Children. Unfortunately, for the moment the videos are only available in Bulgarian. The topic of... Read more


[Romania] In Bacau country, 37 communities benefit from infrastructure investments in social, health and education sectors
Date of publication: 2018
"Support for social infrastructure, health and education" (SHINE), a project that aims to support social, health and education services by implementing infrastructure investments in 37 localities (communes and towns) in B
[Romania] 2.700 children participated in the organization of activities aimed at mobilizing young people
Date of publication: 2018
The grant program addressed to young people to implement activities for vulnerable children has been finalized.
[International] StoryLab – a mobile game that helps children navigate the legal system
Date of publication: 2018
Each year, more than half a million children in Europe come in contact with the law.
Child-friendly Justice
Date of publication: 2018
Publisher: European Union Agency For Fundamental Rights
This is a child-friendly resource for teaching children about the justice system and how a child-friendly one involves their participation.
Primer on Tdh FabLabs for emergency and humanitarian aid interventions
Date of publication: 2018
Publisher: Terre des hommes
This primer is the first step to help the Humanitarian Aid Division to develop more Fablab and to pave the way to implement, contribute to the global internal capitalisation and support the Humanitarian FabLab that Tdh is leading.
7 Golden Rules for Participation
Date of publication: 2018
Publisher: Children and young people's commissioner Scotland
The Golden Rules were developed to help adults understand what the United Nations means by participation, and understand what they should do when helping children and young people inform and take part in decision-making.
[Moldova] Teenage leaders for gender equality gathered together for a wrap-up session
Date of publication: 2017
On Wednesday, November 8, 28 teens from 16 educational institutions from Moldova took part in the wrap-up event of the project „For a violence-free life for children in Moldova”,
[Kosovo] Terre des hommes continues the capacity building of teaching assistants of Learning After School Classes
Date of publication: 2017
During the last week of October 2017, Terre des hommes – Delegation in Kosovo has organized training of teaching assistants of LASC of Gjakova, Prizren, Peja, Klina, Ferizaj, Vushtrri, Podujeva, Mitrovica and Prishtina regarding the Guidelines of
[Kosovo] Blind people attend classes in schools with other children
Date of publication: 2017
Blind persons, especially children, benefitted from the financial suport of the Czech Embassy in Kosovo, aiming to integrate blind children into the mainstream school system.
What do we know about life skills and leadership training for vulnerable children and young people
Date of publication: 2017
Publisher: LEAP
The literature review was made as part of the EU-funded LEAP project, which sought to improve knowledge and develop skills and an understanding of the importance of a children’s rights focus on safe and ethical participatory practice. This literat


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