Special section: Role of men in child protection

This section brings together all resources on men’s role in child protection, such as recent research reviews, reports, videos and learning resources.


19 May 2020
Examining correlations between austerity measures taken by EU states in times of the Great Recession of 2008 and child health, a new research article reviews relevant literature in the last 5 years on countries that applied such measures linking it... Read more
18 May 2020
CommunityCare conducted set of interviews with the frontline safeguarding team in Taunton, that is Somerset Country Council, turning it into a genuine article story of a real progress in the field of Children`s Services. Following a detailed... Read more
11 May 2020
A report, Childhood Challenging Violent and Aggressive Behaviour (CCVAB), by Northumbria Police, CEL&T and Northumbria University has been commissioned following a heartbreaking case of domestic homicide in which a mother was... Read more


02 Dec 2016
About the webinar: The partnership between social workers and other professionals providing social services to children, and their clients' caregivers is crucial for a proper development of children. Among all kind of professionals working... Read more
30 Jun 2016
In no country in the world are men doing as much childcare or domestic work as women are. Globally, women are spending more than twice as much time as men on unpaid care work. These unequal care responsibilities are a barrier to gender equality, to... Read more
20 Jul 2015
CARE International has developed this manual to advise educators, youth workers and other professionals working with adolescent men. It aims to deconstruct masculinity so as to help young men develop healthy relationships based on gender equality,... Read more


21 May 2020
The Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse (CSA Centre) supports social workers and other organisations in building 'their understanding and confidence to identify and respond to child sexual abuse' (CSA). To this end, the CSA Centre... Read more
07 Apr 2020
The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNODRR) has just realised Words into Action guidelines giving advice on how to effectively implement the Sendai Framework for disaster risk reduction (DRR) 2015 – 2030.... Read more
02 Apr 2020
'What Works for Children’s Social Care' collaborated with Cardiff University to explore how ‘devolved budgets’ might be used by social workers to provide resources to families and reduce the need for care. Frontline social... Read more


19 Jun 2020
PhD researchers and joint directors of Listen Up Reseach have contributed to an understanding of intersectionality within social work with young people. Their guide, 'Initial meetings with young people: an intersectional and systemic... Read more
04 May 2020
NGOs, which are established for protecting and securing the rights of migrants and refugees to receive equal dignity and respect for their humanity, could face difficulties against law and policies. Therefore, the Expert Council on NGO Law has... Read more
03 Jul 2018
Studies in the field in recent years, shows that the presence of fathers in raising and educating children has a particular impact on them and comes with a number of benefits. However, what do we do when we do not know how to build a father-child... Read more

Role of men in child protection

Engaging Fathers Part 1 [Audio]
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: Children's Bureau: An Office of the Administration for Children and Families
Imperative to the wellbeing and nurturing of a child, is the presence of the father and paternal family members.
Moldova: On the way to better men's engagement in child protection
Date of publication: 2016
The child protection field in the Republic of Moldova is largely dominated by women.
In Italy, Parteciparte uses theater to promote inclusion and equality in parenting
Date of publication: 2016
MenCare partner Parteciparte is using theater to transform fatherhood in Italy.
MenCare partner Association Roditeli is inviting dads to kindergarten in Bulgaria
Date of publication: 2016
In Bulgaria, MenCare partner Association Roditeli is leading an effort to engage fathers in their children’s education.
In the Netherlands, Rutgers adapts the MenCare Parental Leave Platform to call for increased paternity leave
Date of publication: 2016
In the Netherlands, fathers are entitled to only two days of paid paternity leave. While this will increase to five days in 2019, the country is still far behind the European average of eight weeks of paid leave for new fathers.
Conscious Gender-Sensitive Parenting
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: Terre des hommes Moldova
The training program “Conscious Gender-Sensitive Parenting” is intended to serve as theoretical and practical guidelines in the training activities aimed at increasing the participation of boys and men in the educational processes both in the priv
Documentary 'The Beginning of Life' - Fathers (Video)
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: Bernard van Leer Foundation
This trailer of the documentary 'The Beginning of Life' shines a light on the importance of involved fathers.
Powerful Photo Series Honours Refugee Dads around the World (Image)
Date of publication: 2016
Publisher: Mashable
To mark Australian father’s day, Mashable has published an emotional and personal photo series that captures the powerful relationships between fathers and their children in the midst of crisis.
65 young people from Moldova participated in the "Teenage Leaders for Gender Equality" Summer Camp
Date of publication: 2016
Between 18th to 21st July 2016 and 25th to 28th July 2016, Terre des hommes Moldova organized the "Teenage Leaders for Gender Equality" Summer Camp.


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