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16 Jun 2020
In Sarajevo, in the week from June 8 to June 11, organized by the Faculty of Criminology, Criminology and Security Studies, Save the Children, UNICEF and the International Solidarity Forum - EMMAUS, as part of the EVAC (end violence against the... Read more
07 Apr 2020
Until recently, in China binding girls' feet was widely practiced, with the price of irreparable physical deformation. This was the tradition; delicate, small strides was a norm of femininity culturally imposed for centuries. In other... Read more
19 Mar 2020
The National Network for Children Bulgaria reported that the Single Step Foundation and the Bilitis Resource Center Foundation have produced a report on "Attitudes towards LGBTI students in Bulgarian schools". The report has been ... Read more


08 Apr 2020
The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children (GPEV) and the Early Childhood Development Action Network (ECDAN) are partnering together to present a webinar focused on key issues on child protection in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic... Read more
07 Feb 2019
We are happy to invite you for another session in the Childhub INSPIRE webinar series! On Thursday, February 7th, we will have a pleasure to hear from two excellent speakers about good practices they have been involved with, linked to two new... Read more
17 Jan 2019
The webinar is the second of a series that will present the seven strategies of ending violence against children, called INSPIRE. This webinar will present the strategy No. 3 "Safe Environments". About the webinar: Based on the... Read more


09 Jun 2020
Joining Forces (ChildFund, Plan International, Save the Children, SOS Children’s Villages, Terre des Hommes and World Vision) The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the greatest shocks to global stability since World War II. Before the pandemic,... Read more
01 Sep 2019
One of the main issues voiced by current research and the safeguarding practice environment is that the number of children that are being sexually abused and harmed is higher than the number of  children who are actually identified or... Read more
29 Aug 2019
This Training Manual was prepared within the framework of the “Building Relationships through Innovative Development of Gender-Based Violence Awareness in Europe (BRIDGE) project. The BRIDGE project is a two-year project implemented under the... Read more


25 Oct 2019
This practical guidance, written by Paul Berca, explains the types of bullying and cyberbullying that may occur among children, and their impact on children.
02 Sep 2019
The UK-based NSPCC has released a series of episodes that explore best practices for safeguarding children and young people in the voluntary and community sector.  This episode focuses on how to enhance online safety for children and young... Read more
12 Jul 2019
TED Talk of Howard Taylor, CEO of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children.  Each year, one billion children experience violence at home, at school, online or in their communities, says child safety advocate Howard Taylor. The... Read more

Violence against children

[Bulgaria] Director Drago Sholev's movie PIG draws attention to school aggression
Date of publication: 2019
PIG is an independent project of the Bulgarian director Drago Sholev and will be part of the main competition program of the upcoming Sofia Film Fest.
Childhub INSPIRE series: Addressing social norms and income stability to end violence against children
Date of publication: 2019
We are happy to invite you for another session in the Childhub INSPIRE webinar series!
Join us for the live streaming of the INSPIRE training!
Date of publication: 2019
Childhub is part of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, working together with 328 members and 23 pathfinding countries to unite relevant actors from all over the world as well as children and contribute to ending violence...
[Bulgaria] A Sociological survey indicated that Bulgarians are moderately tolerant on issues related to family relations
Date of publication: 2018
The National Network for Children (Bulgaria) shared a survey done by the Gallup International sociological agency from the beginning of December 2018, which indicated that Bulgarians are moderately tolerant regarding various topics of family relat
[Serbia] Serbia joined a Global Partnership to End Violence against Children
Date of publication: 2018
Minister of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, Zoran Djordjevic signed the Document on the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children with the support of UNICEF, which provided Serbia with access to
[Montenegro] ChildHub introduced in Montenegro
Date of publication: 2018
In cooperation with the Montengro Center for Child Rights and the participation of UNICEF and WHO, ChildHub was introduced in Podgorica, Montenegro, to a large group of policy makers and practitioners coming from different disciplines from child p
[France] France MPs vote to ban child smacking
Date of publication: 2018
BBC reports that French Parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favour of a bill that would ban parents from smacking their children.


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