Online library - 01 Jan 2018
The new handbook, targeted towards policy-makers, practitioners and advocates, provides detailed information on how to select interventions that are best suited to national and local contexts, and how to implement the interventions and the package
Online library - 01 Jul 2018
INSPIRE was launched in July 2016, together with the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, as an evidence-based resource for governments, international agencies, non-governmental organizations and individuals committed to preventing
Online library - 01 Dec 2016
This package of seven evidence-based strategies builds on growing evidence that violence against childre
News - 06 Jun 2019
ChildPact is launching a call for contributions and invites institutions and representatives from the NGO sector to fill in an on line Survey aimed at mapping the activities currently being conducted in line with the INSPIRE framework (Seven Strat
News - 20 Jun 2019
Regional conference on the prevention and elimination of violence against children to gather international experts in Sofia The event will take place on June 27-28

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