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27 Mar 2017
“My dear mommy, my dear daddy, take care of yourselves, I miss you a lot, and I’m really sorry you are not next to me and that I haven’t seen you in a long time. I don’t want presents, I just want you to be healthy and happy... Read more
21 Mar 2017
ChildHub is happy to announce that its course "Practicing Supervision in Child Protecion and Care Agencies" is now available in English. The course was developed in partnership with CELCIS at the University of Strathclyde, and is based on... Read more
21 Mar 2017
This statement was signed by 233 organisations.  As we mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, we have a momentous opportunity to take stock of how far Europe has come – and how far we still have to go in order to offer a... Read more
21 Mar 2017
More than 50 Bulgarian and international representatives of state and local authorities and NGOs, took part  in the forum on the 9th of March  organized by  "For Our Children" Foundation. They signed a declaration of... Read more



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Militants prey on lone child migrants to drive recruitment - report


Thomson Reuters Foundation reports that according to a counter-extremism organisaiton, there are at least 88,300 unaccompanied migrant children who are at risk of being radicalised in Europe. Militant groups like IS are using smugglers to recruit desperate children who pledge allegiance to their cause in return for being able to continue their journey. Islamic State can offer up to $1,000 to migrants en route to the Mediterranean coast, and up to $2,000 for those living in refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon, the report said.

The recommendation of the Croatian Ombudsman on the protection of unaccompanied foreign children


The Ombudsman for Children of Croatia Ivana Milas Klarić sent recommendations to  Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy  on the issues of protection of rights and interests of children of foreign nationals who are caught in Croatia without their parents. 

Council of Europe anti-trafficking experts urge Italy to better protect unaccompanied children


On 30.01.2017 the Council of Europe Group of experts against human trafficking (GRETA) has published a report on the implementation of the Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings by Italy. The report assesses the specific situation of forced returns of victims of trafficking from Italy and the identification of victims of trafficking among asylum seekers and migrants. 

Parental neglect – How to respond? Case study BHS languages


Parental neglect as topic for case disscussion

Case study:

Girl (14 years old) is the third child out of four born to a complete family. The only bread-winner in the family is the father who abuses alcohol. Due to family issues, the family has been registered with the local centre for social work in the girl’s place of residence.

Experiential Lab: Child Rights Programming



Through non-formal, intercultural and creative learning process, the TC will equip participants with knowledge & practical tools to undertake a child rights situation analysis & design community-based projects through child rights-based approach.

As first participants will analyse rights violations for this target group, the root causes and obstacles preventing the fulfilment of children’s rights. Then participants will be engaged working together by co-planning and designing projects that respond to children community’s needs.

EU and UNICEF Join Forces to Help and Protect Refugee Children in Greece


Greek Reporter reports that "the European Commission on Wednesday announced a new UNICEF-EU joint project to help 6,000 refugee and migrant children across Greece, including unaccompanied minors. The action will be financed with 8.5 million euros from the European Union’s emergency support instrument, which enables the European Commission to fund emergency operations within the EU."


Refugee children suffering dog bites and 'violent' beatings by border police in Balkans


The Independent UK reports that "refugee and migrant children are routinely suffering dog bites and “violent” beatings by police as they attempt to cross borders along the Balkans route, Save the Children has warned.  Children as young as 12 are being forcefully and unlawfully pushed back into Serbia from Hungary and Croatia, despite having already crossed the border, the charity said.  Up to 100 refugees are arriving in the country each day, with children accounting for 46 per cent of new arrivals." 


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