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27 Mar 2017
“My dear mommy, my dear daddy, take care of yourselves, I miss you a lot, and I’m really sorry you are not next to me and that I haven’t seen you in a long time. I don’t want presents, I just want you to be healthy and happy... Read more
21 Mar 2017
On the occasion of the World Day of Social Work, Social Work Department in University of Prishtina today organizes the "Program to mark the World Day of Social Work in 2017 in Kosovo." The program will include press conference, panel... Read more
21 Mar 2017
ChildHub is happy to announce that its course "Practicing Supervision in Child Protecion and Care Agencies" is now available in English. The course was developed in partnership with CELCIS at the University of Strathclyde, and is based on... Read more
21 Mar 2017
This statement was signed by 233 organisations.  As we mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, we have a momentous opportunity to take stock of how far Europe has come – and how far we still have to go in order to offer a... Read more



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10 Signs You're Burning Out -- And What To Do About It


In this article, Forbes lists ten common signs one might be experiencing work-related burnout. The American Psychological Association describes job burnout as “an extended period of time where someone experiences exhaustion and a lack of interest in things, resulting in a decline in their job performance.”

According to the article, burnout is characterised by:

Raising awareness on importance of education and about risks of early drop out from education process


Importance of school for every child and importance of right on education - especially for children belonging to vulnerable and marginalized groups were topics of common discussion for pupils from two primary schools and their parents  at workshop organized on the occasion of International Children's Day, the 20th of November. 

This event is a part of promo activities within the project "Available and quality education for Roma girls and boys", which aims is increasing awareness of the importance of education and the risks of early drop out from education process.


Bulgarian speaking Child Protection Specialist- 3-month assignment


Terre des hommes is looking for a Bulgarian-speaking Child Protection specialist to work in their project dealing with refugee- and migrant children. The post is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, with potential travel to various locations in Bulgaria and other Blakan countries -including Greece.


The main purpose of the position, full time based in Sofia, is to supervise the implementation of the regional IRC/DFID project “Making a Difference for Refugee Children in Europe” for the part implemented in Bulgaria.


Prevention and reduction of delinquent behaviour of children and adolescents from risk groups [ChildHub webinar]


About the webinar:

Children and adolescents learn in a continuous relationship with a caregiver or a significant adult. Also they experiment, learn and develop properly through safe interaction with each other. They learn about themselves, about others, about the world, about limits, values and beliefs, about their needs and how to satisfy them, about how to solve a personal or a social problem and in adequate environment they learn how to take into consideration the perspective and the feeling of the other one.

Eurochild campaign - Opening Doors for Europe’s Children


December 2016 marks the official start of Phase II of the Opening Doors for Europe’s Children, a pan-European campaign to support national efforts to develop child protection systems that strengthen families and ensure high-quality family and community-based alternative care for children, by leveraging EU funding and policy and building capacity in civil society. 

The campaign on ending institutional care and strengthening families has already made progress in its first phase and will now enter into second phase.

Call to partner with Europ'Raid's solidarity project towards children of eastern Europe


Are you an NGO or school in Bosnia, Bulgaria or Romania in desperate need of children's school supplies?

Europ'Raid's organization would like to offer 4000 kg of school supplies in each country (Bosnia, Bulgaria and Romania) for kids who might need it.  

In August 2017, 150 teams of 3 people will leave France aboard cars loaded with school supplies and deliver them to needy children.

To succeed in this delivery, local organizations working on children's care and schools that need  supplies are needed. 

Consultancy on Development of an M&E methodology


Consultancy on Development of an M&E methodology for capturing outcomes of  Child protection capacity development  activities  In the framework of the   «Capacity development of Child protection social actors” CAP +»

Terre des hommes is hiring a consultant in Moldova for 4 months.


1/ Develop a theory of change for capacity building, that describes the impact pathway to promote outcomes for the professionals involved in child protection that can then, in turn, lead to midterm and long term outcomes for children in care.


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