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01 Jan 2018
  In order to get a better insight into the implementation of alternative measures in Croatia and to learn more about the needs of experts and children, a research „Diversion in the Croatian Juvenile Justice System“ was conducted...
24 Jul 2015
This Brochure contains advice for parents on how to establish a collaborative relationship with their child. "Being a parent" usually provokes pleasant thoughts about happiness, satisfaction and mutual love between parent and child...
This brochure will inform you about the ways of safe use of the Internet, with a focus on safety on social networking sites. The topic is discussed and adapted three groups of readers: children, parents and professionals working with...


10 Aug 2016
It’s summertime, and everyone seems to be on holiday. That means that lots of social services and support programmes also stop operating. But family tensions, difficult situations and complicated emotions don’t disappear in the sunshine...
18 Jul 2016
In a move to standardise the treatment of refugees across Europe, the EU has finalised a proposal to reform the current system for seeking asylum. Under the new ´semi-standardised´ system, refugees coming to the EU may expect similar...


23 Jan 2015
The Child Protection Hub, Brave Phone and its partners are looking for an organization or individuals to conduct a baseline study in Croatia in order to identify the existing child protection practices and the social workforce related needs to...


24 Sep 2018
Old folk saying is that “The bludgeon came out of the heaven”, and it is easy to answer why is that so; if it stayed there, it would not be heaven anymore. Many adults today, from their own experiences, family opinions, values and...

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