[International] How to Talk to Your Child about the New Virus Pandemic (COVID-19)

14 Mar 2020
Unicef Serbia

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by what you are currently hearing and reading about the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19). It is understandable if your children are anxious.

Children may find it difficult to understand what they see on the internet or on television, or hear from other people. Hence, they may be especially sensitive to feelings of anxiety, stress and sadness.

Talking openly with children can help them understand the situation and even make a positive contribution to others.

Here is some advice:

  • Ask open-ended questions and listen
  • Be honest: explain the truth in a child-friendly way
  • Show them how to protect themselves and their friends
  • Check whether or not they experience or spread the stigma
  • Take care of yourself
  • Talk to your child carefully


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