Romanian young people trained to be youth facilitators - based on respect

2016. nov. 10.

Bucharest, Romania: Five young people were trained as Co-facilitators for the LEAP project in Romania. The three-day training was held between 26th of October and 2nd of November. The group established its own rules, which include respect; attention to youth and each other; creativity and “smiles and hopes”. They felt inspired to declare their wish to be open, work with empathy and keep the spirit of success alive. They agreed that they will excercise patience and are committed to be involved in the whole process.  

They had chosen as a symbol for their group rules a tree, „ as it grows - „ the trunk means the the respect. The sun is the goodness that makes the clouds (not caring) to go away.”

 The training addressed the topic of the project objectives, Child’s Rights and Human Rights, introductory module on participation; communication and active listening, feedback, working team techniques, facilitation techniques, resilience and accesing personal resources. As well, the training days provided opportunity for the youth to study the toolkit developed in the project for them and to start to prepare the presentations for their peers affected by sexual violence.

The young co-facilitators appreciated the new knowledge provided along the training days the most: „it helps them in life and helps the people around them”, „the atmosphere”, personal interactions that made them be open and get friends” and last, but not the least, the way the training days were structured, both lectures and games.  


The project LEAP is being co-funded by the European Union.

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