[United Kingdom] Three-fold increase in child sexual abuse referrals to lighthouse project

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28 Ian 2020
Children & Young People Now

The first annual report of the Lighthouse project, which is a multi-agency service, providing support service for young victims of sexual abuse, reveals that a total of 363 referrals were made in the first year of operation. It is a 206.6% increase on the 118 referrals received by CSA hub for North Central London. 59% of the referrals progressed to an initial assessment, 25% of the remaining had an appointment scheduled in the next quarter

According to the report, there is an increase in outer London boroughs and many young people referred with disabilities. Service for self-referrals will be promoted by Lighthouse in year two.

In 12 months there were 772 reports to the police of child sexual abuse, meaning that almost half of the reports were referred to the Lighthouse, meaning that one in two children in North Central London are offered support after reporting sexual offenses, and the vulnerabilities had been greater than anticipated, resulting in an increased need for mental health services.

Working at the Lighthouse has a great impact on staff, so now they receive more support, including fortnightly group supervision, reflective practice sessions, and weekly case reviews and specific group supervision for the admin team. 


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