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[European Union] The Positive Effects of the Еnergy@school Programme
13 Iun 2019
The National Network for Children Bulgaria shared an article about the Energy@school programme, which encompasses 41 Central European schools in Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, parts of Italy and par
[Greece] Help for unaccompanied refugee children in Greece
13 Iun 2019
Hundreds of children in Greece are in desperate need of the warmth and safety of a family. Some of them have lost their own parents on treacherous migration routes to Europe, leaving them alone and vulnerable.
[Montenegro] Montenegro Government delegation in a study visit to Barnahus Tallinn, Estonia
13 Iun 2019
Montenegro is dedicated to ending violence against children and implementation of a multidisciplinary approach to prevent and end violence as well as preventing re-victimization of children victims and/or witnesses of violence.
[Hungary] Nobody can be a private student starting next schoolyear
12 Iun 2019
The ministry of Human Capacities announced it wants to cancel the 'private student' status starting next school year.
[Україна] «Різні діти» в класі: як поводитися вчителю?
10 Iun 2019
Ставлення до дітей із нетрадиційною сексуальною орієнтацією у шкільному колективі може бути різним. Як досягти толерантності та попередити тиск та знущання, радить психолог.
[Bulgaria] HOPe Restaurant's Noble Mission
09 Iun 2019
HOPe Restaurant, created and run by the Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (FSCI) NGO in Sofia, Bulgiaria, is a 'restaurant with excellent food and a noble mission'. 
Source: National Network for Children Bulgaria
[Bulgaria] Parenting Month organized by UNICEF Bulgaria
08 Iun 2019
The National Network for Children Bulgaria announced that UNICEF is organizing Parenting Month for June 2019, during which the organization will share numerous materials to sup


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