Follow-up of the Conference in Kosovo

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Judit Németh-Almasi
Slika korisnika Judit Németh-Almasi
Follow-up of the Conference in Kosovo

Dear Participants, this is your space to continue our discussions about multi-disciplinary teams in child protection.

Series this is part of:  Multi-Disciplinary Team Work
Valbona Carcani-Mane
Slika korisnika Valbona Carcani-Mane


Dear Judit, 

Something I wanted to share at the end of the conference which I coulnd't, is related to my reflection regarding the Netherlands experience and more in specific the specific budget that is alocated for child protection in local government units. 

From all the discussions and experiences shared within the regional countries durin the conference, lack of resources, including financial resources, is one of the most prevailing causes why the CHP systems are not well-stabilized and functioning in our countries. 

I guess many remember the moment when Myra shared in paralel sections that achieving this has not been easy, not even for a wealthy country such as Netherlands. The political will is not something that can be attrackted easily and I remember she shared some very interesting and simple advocating techniques they have applied in order to make the parliemant members vote for this budget to be asigned yearly equally to all units. 

Being a regional initiative gives us a lot of leverage and power to apply such "different" forms and techniques. It seems that only data collection and provision for reporting to decising makers is not enugh. We could enbark in something more creative? ...

Acctually that could be a webinar theme on advocacy someday? :) 

Judit Németh-Almasi
Slika korisnika Judit Németh-Almasi
EXCELLENT suggestion Valbona!

EXCELLENT suggestion Valbona!!! You are so right!!!

first of all I actually enjoyed listening to Mira, she was always full of wonderful stories and I was thinking we should ask her to do a webinar for us - well probably more on social-work related stuff

Second, we absolutely agree with you and advocacy is one of our priorities, so I throw it out to all of you to think of a good resource on this issue.

I am in the process of inviting Claudia Pedersen, World Vision, who have done an e-learning toolkit on advocacy. It is very interesting, and maybe as part of this discussion we could talk about all the different techniques of advocacy. Nonetheless this is only ONE option and I think we definitely have to do more on this issue!

Valbona if you have anything more in mind please share it!!

Arina Cretu
I would like to ask about a

I would like to ask about a paper that is mentioned in the news published after the event:

"Based on the needs articulated by the participants, Child Hub [...] will also publish a paper summarizing models of MDT working in the region."

Here in Moldova we are thinking to have a local event with those that have participated at the conference, plus around 10-15 other people that are involved in this field at district level. It would be useful to build the event around this paper and discuss about good practices in other countries, lessons learnt and what could be borrowed and implemented in Moldova etc. 

And of course thank you very much to the organizers :)


Kushtrim Islami
Slika korisnika Kushtrim Islami
After hearing the comments

After hearing the comments related to capacity building for MDT and for the child protection areas of involvement, I would like to add that the main problem is understanding the approach but even more the adequate tools needed to strengthen the services. The good thing is that eveyone agrees that the services need improvement. But to achieve this, I believe the problem relies on the workforce itself as professionals mainly come from Psychology, Sociology, Pedagogic studies - subjects that don't offer any kind of information on CB. During their working experience, they continue and hardly learn in detail about capacity building and/or organizational development areas of intervention. Therefore most of the time, they assume that this or that approach will work. In Kosovo, many social workers cannot even identify whats the area that needs improvement while Its obvious that at first they are overloaded with ineffectiveness in managing documents/files which then makes them so ineffective in dealing with cases.

In other hand the improvement of services comes mainly from the management/economics/strategic approach which are different professions containing a lots of relevant information. I believe that the multidiciplinary teams should ask for help from the experts comming from other sectors, the ones who can build their capacities with the appropriate tools (i.e. cost and benefit analysis, human resourse management, resourse mobilization, effective communication, financial management, documentation management, strategic planning etc.) to deliver the work more effectively but also more efficiently, as when discussing CB then we are mainly dealing with organizational issues and not psycho/social/health/education ones.

Judit Németh-Almasi
Slika korisnika Judit Németh-Almasi
presentations of the conference

Dear All,

I am happy to share the link where you find all the presentations during the conference:


Arina Cretu
I would like to share also

I would like to share also here the review/report of the Multi-Agency Working in Child Protection, that was produced by ChildHub, as a result of the conference in Kosovo. 

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