[Hungary] An exhibiton was opened of artworks by young people living in residential home

09. 11. 2019.

Anyone can see the exhibition of the 12 – 21 years old young people’s artwork, who are living in a residential home, in the Government Office of Csongrád County. They made their works with the help of educators, psychologists and child protection professionals. The main purpose is to draw attention to the importance of child protection and to say thank you for the 1284 social workers, who make every day better for 2176 young people.

The government shows appreciation too with higher salaries, extra day off and other allowances.

The government office supports young people in residential homes, too. They donate clothes, shoes, toys, they organize events and gives away free computers to use.

At the opening, the young performed a musical show and Amália Nyári highlighted that how important it is for them to be proud of their artworks, with which they share their feelings and thoughts with the public.

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