[Southern Europe] UN: 72,000+ refugees enter Europe since start of 2019

04. 10. 2019.
Anadolu Agency

In the first three quarters of the year:

  • 72.263 irregular migrant and refugees arrived in Europe by sea (in the same period of last year was nearly 84.345)
  • 1.041 of them died at sea (1.890 in the same period  of last year)
  • on the Eastern Mediterranean route: 39.155 arrived to Greece (more than half of the total arrivals) and 66 deaths were reported
  • on the Western Mediterranean route: 17.405 irregular migrants and refugees arrived in Spain and 315 deaths were reported
  • on the Central Mediterranean route 8.000 migrants entered Italy (compared to 21.100 in the same period of last year) + 2.800 arrived to Malta (compared to 714 in the same period of last year), 660 deaths reported

18.960 victims died in the Mediterranean routes since 2014 based on IOM figures.

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