[United Kingdom] One in Six Children’s Centres Closed since 2010

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04. 11. 2019.

According to Eyalliance, statistics released by the government stated that one in six children’s centres has closed since 2010. Meanwhile, the funding for Sure Start’s centres were cut by £100 million between 2016–17 and 2017–18.
Based on the research they undertook, the Institute for Fiscal Studies found that the centres had a positive impact on children’s health. In addition, the Institute appealed to the government to reinvest in children’s centres.
The Chief Executive of the Alliance expressed his concern that so many centres were closed over the past years. He highlighted the crucial role that children’s centres have in supporting children and families, especially those coming from vulnerable groups. Likewise, he called it a failure that the government failed to undertake and develop strategies or policies regarding social services, and he urges political parties to take further steps in investing in children’s centres.

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