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Senegal, Spain seal deal
14. 11. 2007.
‘Afrol News’ reports on the agreement signed by both Senegalese and Spanish governments. 2,000 youths will follow training in Sene…
Serbia rejects allegations of abuse
14. 11. 2007.
The US based charity ‘Mental Disability Rights International’ released last week a report about the services delivered in Serbia t…
Turkey, Greece agree to co-operate against illegal immigration
14. 11. 2007.
The two traditional rivals agreed to launch a new communication mechanism between their coast guards to curb the illegal immigration affec…
We risk sleepwalking into another war in the Balkans
14. 11. 2007.
Interesting analysis on the Balkans from ‘The Observer’, mainly on Bosnia and the actual situation of Kosovo. The author does not …
Only 8% of young Bulgarians want to emigrate, 27% want to work abroad
05. 11. 2007.
UNDP ordered to Gallup International a research on the economic competitiveness of young people in Bulgaria. ‘Sofia Echo’ reports …
Prodi expands on EU migration
04. 11. 2007.
‘Euro2day’ publishes long extracts of the ‘Financial Times’ interview with Romano Prodi, Italy’s prime minister, in Ro…
Romania seeks EU plan for Roma integration
04. 11. 2007.
Another consequence of the murder last week of a woman in Rome, allegedly by a young Romanian of Roma origin, ‘The Southeast European …
Six months after Madeleine, another 600 are still missing
04. 11. 2007.
Usually, the ‘Madeleine case’ is relayed by the media with a quite sensational tone. Today, the Independent’s editorial choice…
UN rights expert calls for French, Chad probes on children
04. 11. 2007.
The French press agency reports the declarations of Juan Miguel Petit, the UN Special Rapporteur on the sale of children, child prostituti…
'Eastern Promises', the last David Cronenberg's film
01. 11. 2007.
The new movie of David Cronenberg is the starting point of a very interesting article in ‘The Observer’ about how the British citi…


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