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Emilia Sorescu
Books recommendation


I think can be useful I to share what we read, whether it's fiction  or specialized books.

A a deeply moving book, which I used at my classe (palliative care, bed news communication, palliative counseling)  is a novel by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt - "Oscar and the Lady in Pink".

Emilia Sorescu
I just finished  finished

I just finished  finished reading the latest translated in Romanian book by Alice Miller: For Your Own Good. Hidden Cruelty in Child-rearing and the Roots of Violence.

The book shed light on the often ignored aspects of the origins of child abuse and expose the horrors of black pedagogy. It includes three case studies: the case of a young drug addict, a child-murdere and  the Adolf Hitler's case , showing that not the frustration and the bad treatment, but the impossibility of expresing pain, anger, hatred in childhood, the impossibility of discussion about this with someone  can lead to behaviors as pathological cruelty and aggression against others or oneself,  compulsions of repetition, consciously or unconsciously abuse on their own children.
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Emilia Sorescu
An other interesting book:

An other interesting book: Niels P. Rygaard - Sever attachment disorder in childhood. It is very helpful for those who are working in child protection system.



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book on trauma

A very interesting book on trauma, that is understandable for non-professionals.

The Boy who was raised as a dog

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Favourite books

Thank you for such an interesting topic and your ideas. 


I like books about animals and one of my favourite - Lassie. 

Emilia Sorescu
Book about the forgiveness, real apologize

Harriet Lerner PhD Why Won't You Apologize?: Healing Big Betrayals and Everyday Hurts  

Romanian translation:

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It's always nice to share

It's always nice to share good things and cheap assignment writers read. It's my habit that I keep on sharing good stuff with my friends &  family on WhatsApp. As I guess passing on the good things or saying is actually a virtue. Thank you so much for the excellent suggestions these are really fantastic.

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