Multidiciplinary teams in Greece

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Sakellariou Miltos
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Multidiciplinary teams in Greece

In Greece the multidisciplinary teams who exist It depents from the differenet agencies. From my experience in the field of prevention against drugs for more than ten years, in this frame the multidisciplinary teams all over in Greece are at each Prevention Centre (77 all at national level). Now the last 4 years I have been part of  the multidisciplinary Group of the EPA Syros, consisting of psychiatrist / child psychiatrist, health visitor, psychologists, social workers, Representative of School Community in order to provide effective psychosocial support to minors and their family environment, who need it. EPA Syros is Child Abuse and Neglect/Juvenile Delinquency Committee of the Aegean District, (Public Entity) providing services as a Social Service, for the prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency . It has its headquarters in Syros (Miaoulis Square - Town Hall Syros Ermoupolis). It is represented by a seven-member Board of Directors, chaired by Court of Appeal President Aegean and supervised by the Greek Ministry of Justice.
•    Purpose of the EPA Syros is the active contribution to the prevention and treatment of victimisation and juvenile delinquency, those displaying antisocial or delinquent behaviour or risk becoming criminals because of inappropriate family - social environment or other conditions and causes.

Kenneth A.
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The team is playing a very

The team is playing a very vital role in the life of drug addicts. I have seen the lives of many people have been changing through their team and this is wonderful step improving the lives of others. May God bless you guys keep posting on more educational stuff.

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